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5th December 2015


# Workshops, 180 minutes

No actual practice, but did go help out with some Camcircus workshops at the a Christmas fair in Cambridge. Did a little bit of teaching, a bit of showing off and a lot of standing around talking, eating nice food and drinking mulled wine. Was playing with flower/devil sticks a bit there and, as I always do at these kind of things, think I should practice that as it's quite fun. Doubt I actually will though.

Went to watch the live stream of the Fight Night combat European Masters finals after and cheer on Cambridge's finest before letting my competitive side get the better of me and attempting to beat the records in Brook's living room juggling/other challenges. Succeeded in about half before giving up in favour of beer (couldn't have beaten the remaining ones anyway).

Total practice time: 180 minutes

Location: Mill Road Winter Fair, Brooks House

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