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18th May 2016

Mike Moore

# Weird, 25 minutes

In a sunny section of Thorn. So sunny I wore sunglasses inside. So sunny I became lethargic, and couldn't juggle anymore. Would nap if I didn't have to return to work.

One of my beanbags began to leak slightly.

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: Other

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4th July 2015

Mike Moore

# Weird, 45 minutes

Really didn't seem to care about 3b. Had loads of fun with 5b, though! Enjoyed practising backcrosses #5bbx (which feel less fundamentally impossible than before) and trying to throw every ball from a cascade under my leg #5butl, inspired by Peter Bone being impressed with it. I don't think it's unreasonably hard, the height and speed required feel pretty doable. Only got a max of two consecutive throws like tha from and to a standard cascade, but still.

7b was running well, got several runs of 80-95 catches. I'm able to make more drastic recoveries now, and it's clean more often than before. Both (especially the latter) still need improvement!

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: Roz

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