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14th August 2015

Mike Moore

# Weighted, 7 minutes

2 minutes of takeoutty things, 3 minutes of backcrosses, 3 minutes of 5b endurance. Tough, but doable. I think I'll do one more 7 minute session before upping time again.

Total practice time: 7 minutes

Location: Roz

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11th August 2015

Mike Moore

# Weighted, 5 minutes

5 minutes of juggling with wristweights. Wanting to start fairly short and not get injured. ~5 minutes of warmup without weights, ~1.5 minutes of takeout variations, ~2 minutes of 3b backcrosses (tough!) and ~1.5 minutes of 5b.

I tried a little inverted box, but the wristweights shifted a lot and it was pretty painful. I might have to resort to heavier balls for that. I've been wrist conditioning pretty consistently lately, I'll just have to be careful.

Total practice time: 5 minutes

Location: Park

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