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6th March 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5ball Preparation, 5 balls, Trick List 3.1, 120 minutes

Juggle Time: 2: 00:54: 56

Today was one of those days where i felt totally pumped to juggle, and confident. I briefly went through all the basic tricks i knew, then I moved on to some complicated ones, then some new tricks i wanted to try and learn. (Such as 3multiplex behind the back, different from how i've done it before, and the inverse shower)

Afterwards I went through 5ball preperation tricks such as: 3ball flash related tricks, 4ball flash, 4444555504444, multiplexes (really helps with getting my hands comfortable holding extra props) And the 5ball cascade itself! Todays session was great, and I really didn't have any problems simply because I practicing with the desire to get better. (instead of practicing to prove myself that i can do it, like i have been doing recently) I look forward to practice sessions to come in the future and can't wait to have a solid 5 ball pattern :)

Also, I set a goal earlier this month and didn't really jot it down anywhere so i'm going to make it official here so I stay motivated to stick with my goal. It is my goal to be able to juggle the 5b cascade, 50 catches long, before April 1st. I Think i may be able to do it. Well see what happens!

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Home

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5th March 2014


# accuracy, 5 balls, 3ball basics, 3 balls, 5 balls preperation, Trick List 3.1, 154 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 34:00

I'm gonna be more patient with the shower patterns. And i'm not going to expect to be a pro by the end of the practice session next time. Practice went relatively well, but towards the end, not so well.

Total practice time: 154 minutes

Location: Home/School

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3rd March 2014


# accuracy, 3 balls, 5 balls preperation, 5 balls, Trick List 3.1, 91 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 31:46: 64

Almost got done with trick list 3.1, but didn't have time to finish.

Got a tad frustrated with the box, but I feel like i'm making progress.

Noticing improvement with the 5ball cascade. I need to practice this one outside of home, so I can practice doing it higher.

(Trick List 3.1: Shower (both sides) Box, Boston Shuffle, 5ball cascade)

Total practice time: 91 minutes

Location: Home

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