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27th February 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls preperation, 5 balls, Trick List 2.0, 272 minutes

Juggle Time:4: 32:00

Today I spent the first half of my session getting through Trick List 2.0, but ended up getting frusterated. After that, I moved on to 5ball preperation stuff, then attempted the 5ball cascade. I did so GOOD, the pattern just CLICKED into my head..I all the sudden understand and can do it!!!

After that, i was totally confident and tried something a bit new. I practiced the 5ball stack multiplex and did pretty well(i normally practiced the 4ball version.)

Then I decided to go through all the tricks that frustrated me once again, and did them all with ease!! Not perfect, but still GOOD.

I feel proud of myself, I feel like I accomplished my goal, which was to learn the 5b cascade. Before I could do the flash, and rarely juggle the pattern. But now is different, I think its safe to say I accomplished my goal. Now I need to work on solidifying it :) And I know exactly how i'm going to do that.


Total practice time: 272 minutes

Location: Home

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23rd February 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls preperation, Trick List 2.0, 62 minutes

Juggle Time: 1: 02:07: 43

Juggled in-between homework late at night. Didn't practice as thoroughly as I hoped. But managed to get through everything except for EE. I didn't spend much time on 5b stuff.

Total practice time: 62 minutes

Location: Home

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22nd February 2014


# accuracy, 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, Trick List 2.0, balance, 241 minutes

Juggle Time: 4: 01:12: 18

So today went alot better than the previous day. I managed to get through all my tricks very patiently and didn't get frusterated once. I didn't plan on spending FOUR HOURS working on my tricks, but hey! I'm feeling satisfied. My patterns are all beginning to feel solid, most notably my 4ball fountain =). And I'm beginning to feel pretty confident with the 5ball stuff even though i haven't working on it very much.

I also worked on balancing. At the beginning of my practice sessions I like to practice balancing on one foot, on the floor and on something hard to balance on.

Today has got to be one of my best practice sessions i have had in a while.

Also, today marks the day I hit 2nd place on the log user list. And the Trick List 2.0 tag refers to the current trick list i am working on. When I remove/add a trick It will be renamed to trick list 2.1, then 2.2, etc.

Trick List 2.0: RubenSteins Revenge, Boston Mess, Boston Columns, claws, chops, Mangham's Mangle, Nelsons Nemesis, Eric's Extension, Flo's Mess, FOURball fountain, Asy fourball fountain, Record: 8:00flat, 3ball flash, 4ball cascade flash, FIVEball flash

Total practice time: 241 minutes

Location: Home

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