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2nd September 2015


# Throwing Technique, 35 minutes

Total practice time: 35 minutes

Location: Home

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31st August 2015


# Throwing Technique, 5 balls, 40 minutes

Working on throws that go straight up, and not in towards me. When ever i begin the 5b cascade, the first few throws or so tend to do that. Also working on keeping my shoulders relaxed, and keeping my arms to the side, where there suppose to be, and not moving outwards.

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Home

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29th August 2015


# 5ballPREP, Throwing Technique, 60 minutes


Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Home

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26th August 2015


# Throwing Technique, 5ballPREP, 5 balls, 4 balls, 56 minutes

Things worth noting:
-If you can simply reach up and grab the next ball, (without reaching out) that means you were throwing correctly.
-When warming up, move on to the next trick when the current trick your doin is beginning to feel comfortable. So you don't have to spend so much time practicing stuff you're already capable of.
-If you're feeling tired, or not so energetic, jog, run, do jumping jacks, anything to help get the blood flowin.
-No more throwing technique stuff. Save it for one session dedicated to that some other time. maybe once a month?
-(5) flash x10, 6 throws x3-5, same with 7,8,9? (i usually skip 9), 10. Then work on short controlled runs. Idk about long runs, i might save it for the end of each week or something. Or just let them happen when I've got the pattern under control. Do this so that you can spend more time on the short controlled runs, and make progress.
-Reaching out is something I struggle with at times when working on 5.
-My lefty feels wierd.
-Focus on where you're actually aiming your throws. I noticed at times that my pattern got a little bit wide, noticably on my leftside, idk if my right side was affected too. I like to aim for narrow throws inside the frame of my body, if that makes sense.

^This is not meant to be advice, these are just things i thought about at the end of my session. I wanted to jot it all down so it wasn't forgotten.

Total practice time: 56 minutes

Location: Home

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19th August 2015


# Throwing Technique, 5ballPREP, 5 balls, 75 minutes

Throwing technique? hah. No. How about the 5b cascade flash? Yep. That's the highlight of my session today. I have a video of the practice, and when i get around to it, i'll post it on youtube and give you guys a link. :P

After watching a video of myself juggling the 5b cascade from a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to practice the way I had been before. I was impressed with how good my pattern looked. Screw throwing technique. Honestly, has anyone ever improved from tossing just a ball from hand to hand, making perfect throws? Just curious. I can't stand doing that..or anything easy with perfect form.

I really need to keep better track of the time I spend practicing. I usually go with the minimum ammount of time I think i spent practicing just to be safe.

I can't english today. Ugh. >_>

Instead of throwing technique, I practiced the stuff I normally do (not all of it) and I focused on one thing i wanted to improve at a time. Like, for the 552, I focused on the rhythm and the throws, making sure each throw was done the same exact way. But that doesn't mean i let myself be sloppy with everything else, it means that I put most of my focus on that one thing, while still trying to make sure the throws and everything are good.

One more thing! In my 5b juggling video I noticed that my right shoulder was moving up and down while my left was still and relaxed. Wha daa craaaeep! Why..WHY..I'm gonna see to that tomorrow. It isn't too bad, but it's noticeable..for me atleast.

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: Home

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18th August 2015


# Throwing Technique, 5ballPREP, 45 minutes

I noticed that if you have to move your elbow forward at all, that means you're reaching out to throw. It's pretty obvious, i know, but it's what i was focusing on today. I was focusing on throwing straight up, and keeping my elbows to the side. They tend to move forward a little bit when i throw. I started with one throw up high, then I tried 2. Then I tried the high cascade, and kept movin on till i reached the 55550, then I took a step back, worked on the 552, then i took a step back further and worked on the first 3 throws of the same pattern, with only three balls. I worked on throwing starting with the left, and right, and starting with the hand that had 2, then 1, etc. Then I worked a little bit on throwing 2 balls from one hand to the other, having them follow eachother in the same path (50500).

The session went well. :)

# 3 clubs, Throwing Technique, 20 minutes

focused on keeping elbows to the side, and adding the right ammount of wrist to throws.

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Home

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