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12th October 2017

Mike Moore

# Relaxed, 30 minutes

Sore from yesterday. Mostly #b4b (blind 4b) and #bbth.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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24th August 2015

Mike Moore

# Relaxed, 60 minutes

Took it a bit easy today, fatigue has been catching up with me. I'm taking tonight off exercising and tomorrow off juggling. Didn't so anything involving 2xs.

Practised #5bbx a bunch, tried out 55244 with the 5s as backcrosses, which felt really nice. Flashed 55550 from each side as all backcrosses. Getting tired of hitting myself in the back of the head. But hey, Doug said that was a good sign, so I'll deal with it.

Also spent more time on #BAtH. Was very close to going from a standard cascade to BAtH to BBB, but didn't quite keep BBB stable. Bah.

#753 and #7b were both decent. It's at the point where I'm feel fatigued after only 10 catches of 7b though, so it's time for a day off. Wednesday had better watch out.

Oh, and I recorded an idea. I don't remember it now, but hey, that's why I record things.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Roz

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