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22nd September 2017

Mike Moore

# Performance Prep, Mini session, 40 minutes

Finally got over my mental barrier for 7b! Before, I couldn't get much over 100 (full stop at 121). Today, I got over 150 catches three times! Take that, brain!

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: Basketball court

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22nd August 2017

Mike Moore

# Performance Prep, 45 minutes

Warm up and started performance prep for Saturday's show. Started writing some material for emceeing.

Broke 110 catches of 7b.

The floor had been vacuumed! Juggling in socks again :)

Total practice time: 45 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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2nd April 2017

Mike Moore

# IndyPrep, Performance Prep, 50 minutes

First ~30 minutes were thinking about my RIT performance. Decided on a song that fit the theme (Spaceship Superstar), choreographed the first 20 seconds and have an idea for the last 40. Middle of the song is pretty neutral, it doesn't shout anything particular to me.

So that I don't forget, the first 20 seconds are walking around while keeping the pattern stationary.

Collision patterns were fun. Sufficiently proved a concept where every ball collides which resembles a cascade.

Total practice time: 50 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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