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21st June 2015


# one arm elbow lever, OAEL, 10 minutes

OAEL Pracice
Each attempt lasts a few seconds or fails before 'lift off'. Most of the time is spent waiting around making circles with my wrists checking that they've recovered enough from the last attempt to do another. doesn't mention recovery between attempts, it's probably just expected behaviour, or written somewhere else.

Currently balancing on my left wrist is significantly better, than my right. On a stool I could balance on my left for long enough to move from the straddled position, to the legs together position then hmm, collapse semi-gracefully.

My right is taking longer to get to the same skill level. It is not a flexible as my left yet and convincing myself to start with as much contortion as necessary seems odd before each first successful attempt. Skill level: jerky straddled position with rear leg lower than the other. It'll get me there eventually.

Total practice time: 10 minutes

Location: Outside

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