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6th April 2014


# 5 balls, 5ball Preparation, 3 balls, NEW TRICKS, 114 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 54:00

Had alot of fun learning some new tricks and variations of the new tricks, from a video posted by thegoheads I loved his video, and i still have a few more tricks to learn from it. I still need to learn how to do the confusing one at the beginning, the flo's mess with an under hand throw and the carry over thrown in the middle, and the reverse mills mess.

I also practiced 5balls and I feel like im getting more and more accurate.

And i also learned how to do a few things new: I learned how to do the high-low shower, and the extended box. (both moving and not) I always knew how to do these tricks, just wasn't able to do them very well (especially the high-low shower) until now :).

I had no idea how fun it was to learn simple yet new tricks till today. =)

Total practice time: 114 minutes

Location: Home

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