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13th July 2015


# Message, 1 minutes

K honestly ETHAN...what do you have against even number juggling? What's ur deal bro!? Yes, i logged in JUST to msg you.

Now that THAT is out of the way. I have been practicing more often lately and i'm excited to say that i am working on solidifying my five ball cascade pattern, and im working may up to six ball juggling. And i cant wait to see what i'll achieve. I just hope i stay committed and practice more effectively than i did when I was last cereal bout' juggling. Looking back at my earlier posts is....embarrassing. Though i still respect the dedication I had. UGH! I wasted so much time and energy stressing about technique, about small little things that really didn't matter. And before that, i was working on stuff that was waaaaay beyond my skill lvl. It's funny really. When i was first learning five, not so long after I ''mastered'' four, I started by learning the 55550. Then I spent a great deal of time working on flashing all 5 balls. Then i was trying to add throws. idk if i benefitted from that way of practice or not, but it sure was alot funner then practicing something easy with a perfectionst's attitude- That was no fun, and i will never return to that way of practice. It did me no good, and it was no fun at all.

So lately, i've been improving my way of practicing, and i stumbled upon fastjuggling success, sponsored on gballz website, and i have to say, i really like what i've read so far. Especially the two steps forward, one step back method, and the 90% consistency rule. And im talking about just the free stuffs. I'm definitely buying the full book when I can. If any of you would like to learn some awesome ways to really improve your practice, or how Laido calls it, your strategy, I would definitely check it out. Laido dittmar, the owner of the book has alot of experience and awesome plans for the future. Just google his name and ''fast juggling success''. His book -along with dedication and smart practice, is how i plan on reaching my goals. Oh, and i'm ditching perfectionism, screw that! I'll keep my patterns looking good, but i am DONE with unrealistic perfectionism, let alone perfectionism. Done with it. Daz rye T'!

Anyways, i might practice a bit later and add a real entry, but that is all for now. Goodbye!

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