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27th May 2015

Sjors Stuurman

# Full Training, 3-7 balls, 1 minutes

Warming up with 3, 4 and 5 balls went well, got 5 3 up pirouettes with 3 balls with only one ball in between. 4 balls mutliplexes were nice, but still need work to make them more cleaner. 5 ball 3 up pirouette still not working, but that's for another time ;)

Main focus for this training: 6 and 7 balls.

Got a good advice from Eivind at the NJF to do more scooping with 6 balls, even over doing it. That worked well, got 30 catches average, top was 40ish :)

7 balls went meh, had two good runs of 20+ catches, others were 10 - 14 average.

Clubs and Rings went okay, still need to get used to my new rings as they are a bit lighter than my old ones. 5 clubs goes okay, tops 10 catches, but it's not something I'm really working on. 6 rings qualify :)

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Movie Theater Entrance

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