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14th May 2016

Mike Moore

# Numbers, Catching up, 100 minutes

Duration is an estimate. Took me forever to find a place to juggle today, all of the normal places were locked.

Had fun spending ~25 minutes on 9b. I think it's amazing how many small issues I had with the flash that I didn't notice until I spent more than 5 minutes on it (i.e. today). I think I've fixed my left hand's grip. Width of pattern is pretty consistent, working on consistent heights and not breaking plane horribly.

Recorded a broken-plane box pattern I thought would look beautiful, turns out it's ugly. I'll blame it on angle and execution for now.

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: Other

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3rd May 2016

Mike Moore

# Catching up, 30 minutes

Good to have a practice session after such a long break. Almost exclusively did 3/4b. Most interesting outcome: flashed 3b dots in one hand (two dots on the top, one on the bottom), and I'm pretty sure it'll be runnable some day. I think I might've tried this a couple years ago, but I don't remember ever getting a flash.

Enjoyed doing a modified pyramid with 4b dots, sync/async/split sync. 1 rep of 1 round (4 catches), 2 reps of 2 rounds, etc. If you drop, start again from 1, and see how high you can get in 5 tries. I got to 4(2), 4(1), 3(3) for sync, async, and split sync, respectively today.

Slight fatigue from exercise last night, but feeling pretty good.

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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21st February 2016

Mike Moore

# Catching up, 60 minutes

SORE! Yesterday's session has my shoulders hurting. Decided to go out juggling anyway. Mostly 3/4b. Recorded a couple more riffs from #Aiden'syoyo, found a new 3b movement (backhanded slap/slam) that is probably too hard to be useful, but I'll try to muck with it a bit more before writing it off.

Got 122 catches of #7b, happy with that.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Roz

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20th February 2016

Mike Moore

# Catching up, Numbers, 80 minutes

After ~2 months, I finally had a real practice again! Woo!

Juggling at club kept me relatively fresh, but I haven't made much progress. Tried some numbers today (hadn't given 5+ balls more than a few minutes in ages) and it felt pretty good. #7b was decent, pretty clean, but a fair few random drops. Almost flashed #9b a few times.

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: Roz

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