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18th February 2014


# 3ball basics, Boston Columns, Boston Mess, Manghams Mangle, RubenSteins Revenge, 4 balls, 5 balls, 206 minutes

Juggle Time:3: 26:??

SO yesterday i didn't go to school so I had enough time to do a 3h run. Not that I planned on doing so. I spent the first hour or so working on basics, accuracy, and experimenting. And came up with a new cool way to getting 3 balls in one hand from the cascade. And I also came up with a cool new introduction. It's where i throw the balls in the air, in an upside down triangle fashion, and claw the top two and it's pretty hard. Also, i've nearly mastered the Mangham Mangle trick. And my four ball fountain gets better and better everyday.

Total practice time: 206 minutes

Location: Home

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17th February 2014


# Accuracy, Boston Mess, Boston Columns, RubenSteins Revenge, Manghams Mangle, 3ball basics, accuracy, 4 bal, 126 minutes

Juggling Time:2: 06:47: 91

So yesterday I decided I was going to really improve and update my practice sessions. So now on, i'm going to stick with a few hard tricks. I'm going to split them into simpler versions, and practice them individually, starting with the simplest tricks. Once i have mastered the simpler versions, i'll forget about them, and come back to them if necessary. Once I have mastered a trick, i'm going work on a more challenging version of the trick. (for example, I use to practice the Mills Mess alot, once I really got it down, I moved on to Rubinstein revenge)I'm also going to remove all the 4ball tricks from my list and just focus on solidifying my 4ball fountain. I have a good feeling about this new way of practicing.

I also realized how effective my new way of practicing is. I nearly mastered the Mangham's Mangle trick IN ONE DAY

ALSO, I practiced the 4ball fountain, doing short controlled runs.

Total practice time: 126 minutes

Location: Home/BackYard

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