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30th August 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 5 rings, 9-11 ball passing, 6 club passing, balance, 250 minutes

Unexceptional club juggling session. Working on usual backcrosses, balance and a few other bits.

Club passing with Misha. 4 count tricks (tomahawks, half contortion throws, bxx, under leg, shoulders etc.), 3 count, 2 count lefthanded, ultimates and countdown.

Ball passing with Heydar. Filmed most of this. Noticeable improvement over last week:

9b - best 90 catches. Me throwing crosses and slightly higher. 4-5 runs in the 70-90 passes range.
10b - best 39 catches. Very collision prone, but began to feel manageable once we raised the pattern a bit
11b - 5 minutes at the end in pretty shoddy light with no decent runs. Felt almost easier than 10 though. Something to work on.

Total practice time: 250 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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