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9th September 2015


# 5-7 balls, 6 club passing, 9 ball passing, 11 ball passing, 120 minutes

Solo juggling was mainly fails with backcrosses of 5, 6 and 7 balls.

Spent quite some time passing clubs with Misha and comparing the common wild edible mushrooms of Britain and Russia. Passing mainly consisted of me trying to master some tricks out of 4 count and getting some decent runs of ultimates.

Ball passing with Heydar to finish. Highlight was in excess of 200 catches of 9. Feels good now. Should be able to run solidly soon.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: CUJA

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6th September 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 6 club passing, 7 ball passing, 9 ball passing, handstands, 180 minutes

Lazy practice following a nice couple of hours of workshops at a local event in the rather glorious sunshine.

Didn't focus on much in my solo session. Managed to kick up from 3 to 7 balls in one run which was nice. Done it before but haven't tried for a while.

5b back crosses getting slowly better. Feels nicer and more consistent but long runs are still sadly lacking.

Tried handstands a few times. Was failing miserably so got some help from Andy. Maybe I should finally try and get these.

Spent a long time trying to get "countdown" passing with kerry. After some frustration managed to get complete rounds (4321234321234count) to a clean finish twice which was highly satisfying. Hope it will just be runnable next time I try.

20mins of unexceptional ball passing with Heydar to finish.

Total practice time: 180 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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23rd August 2015


# 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, 3-6 rings, 7 ball passing, 9 ball passing, balance, headbounce, 240 minutes

Nice session working on clubs, rings and balls in equal measure. Filmed some of my practice to review technique and (in theory) stop me counting catches of some patterns which I think is leading to tension in my less stable patterns.

Most pleased with 4 club singles plus balance dropped down into 5c cascade. Took a while but ended up getting it into a decent cascade several times - think I should be able to get this pretty solid in time. Now to move from 5c to 4 with bal and back....

Also new/improved for me:

6 rings - 18 catches

3 balls + headbounce - 4 catches clean with bounce maintained. Very nearly got 6 catches a few times but couldn't keep the hb going after. Feeling much better thanks to raising the height of the bounce a couple of inches and a bit of coaching from heydar.

7 and 9 ball passing in 1-count with Heydar. Never properly passed balls before. 7 came quickly and a few decent runs of 9 (along with quite a few bad ones!). Need to review footage taken before battery died to review technique.

Otherwise working on club, ball and ring backcrosses. Got 15 catches of 5b bc which is good for me.

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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