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21st August 2015


# 5ballPREP, 5 balls, 4 balls, 6ballPREP, 126 minutes

I began my session warming up (way longer than intended, infact, i ended up practicing) then i jumped into the 5b cascade, and practiced 5 throws,6,7,9,then short controlled runs, and a few longer runs. I noticed more control this time! Also, I practiced 5 5b cascade throws, followed by a 3, repeat, etc. I also tried adding more throws, then i found this cool exercise: You do 5 5b cascade throws, collect 4, then flash again, repeat. It doesn't make sense in my head, but it's possible, and u don't have to rush either. I don't think. It really seemed to help me out before practicing the longer runs.

Then I practiced the 3in1. I worked my way up to 7 throws, then for the fun of it, and to test my limits..I tried to get as many catches as i could. And a few times i got around 10-17, and once, i was able to get 31! new record! I was struggling a few times, but for the most part, it was under control. To make up for it, i ended up practicing really short runs (3-7 throws.) And ended off with what felt like a perfect pattern, 8 catches.

I noticed a few things:
1. I tend to make the first throw from infront of me, it's hard to explain. It's not really a problem. And this type of throw often doesn't get corrected, it interrupts the whole pattern so I have to stop and collect (just one throw)
2. To run the pattern smoothly, i have to let my arms go down. I discovered this today.

Then I practiced my routine.

Theeeeen, I created a new one, and was FINALLY able to run through it successfully without any drops. I practiced this one a little bit longer than i should have but i did it. I might record it, but it still needs work, and it feels awkward!

Also, I WAS going to post a video of me juggling 5 a few days ago, but i recorded side ways and i don't know how to edit videos very well. I'll get a better video (one that isn't sideways!) and post some time. i'm lazy tbh. I've been very lazy lately...i'm not kidding. I'm just glad i've gotten in the habit of juggling everyday regardless of how lazy i am. :P

Total practice time: 126 minutes

Location: Home

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16th July 2015


# 3 clubs, 4 balls, 5ballPREP, 6ballPREP, 90 minutes

Edit: @ETHAN: Yeeeeesss. Do it! That would be amazing. I'd love to see that.

Woo. Today, I started off by warming up quickly and effectively, then i jumped in to the 55550, then i practiced something new known as the 5551. I've learned this trick before but never did get the hang of it. I did great on my right side, but i struggled a bit on the left though I did manage to get just one cycle of it down, cleanly too. And I did manage to get another 3 club cascade record...though i did obsess about my technique a little. It wasn't perfect, but it sure has improved in the past few days. I mean, now, i have alot more control, but it still feels weird at times. It's no big deal though! no really!

For 6prep, i need to practice outside, so that my roof doesn't limit me. And for 3 clubs, i'm going to make sure to warm up by doing the flash starting from both sides, slowly add throws, then ill practice at my skill lvl. And i really need to start practicing before i go to work.

[progress report]

[new stuff]
3 clubs: ^16x10
new record: 255 catches

4 ball reverse fountain: ^12x10
New Record: Lost track at 155 or so XD
Sychronized: ^12x10

[5ball prep]
55550: (righty) ^8x10
(lefty) ^8x10

5551: (righty) ^12x10
(lefty) ^4x10
(((the 51 up high on my left side is how i progressed on it, it helped alot!)))

[6ball prep]
2in1 flash:
^righty 2snapsX6
^righty 3clapsX10

(((learned that i must keep my hand from moving to a position closer to the center of my body. Also learned that i must shift the balls around in my hand quickly, to the 'ready to throw' position.)))

practiced for approximately 90 minutes. again, it's not exact.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Home

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14th July 2015


# 5ballPREP, 6ballPREP, 3clubs, 4 balls, 120 minutes

[new stuff]
^4ball reverse fountain: 8x10
-sychronized: 6x10

^3club cascade: 9x10

[5b prep]
^3 ball snake: Lefty 4x10
-righty: 6x10

^4 ball flash(55550): lefty 6x10
-righty: 6x10

[6ball prep]
practiced the 2in1 flash with both hands, from both a warm and cold start. Tried a few continuous runs. Tried the flash with snaps to help speed. Also tried the fountain high. Practice here wasn't very organized. Next time, i'd like to practice outside....standing. And i'd like to progress, by practicing my way through the stuffs i wrote down in my note book. :P

I practiced for approximately 2 hrs.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Home

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