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16th August 2015


# 3-5 rings, 3-5 clubs, 3-7 balls, balance, headbounce, 6-7 club passing, 270 minutes

Nice session at Camcircus. Started with some ring stuff. Was trying to get 4 ring scissors. Found it pretty tricky. Managed 5 sets back to pattern a couple of times and 6 to a drop on the 7th once. Feels harder than I'd expect given the time I've put in to the ball version and 3 ring backcrosses.

Also with rings - 4+bal, 4r pancakes, 645, 753 and single bx out of 5.

Spent 30 mins passing with Kerry, working on tricks out of 4 count and just getting 7 working again. Enjoyed putting some time into passing as rarely do so.

Nothing else too special with clubs or balls.

Total practice time: 270 minutes

Location: CamCircus

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