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19th May 2014


# 3 balls, 5ball Preparation, 5 balls, accuracy, 111 minutes

Juggling Time: 1: 51:43: 37

Spent 40 minutes working on 3 claw related tricks at school.

Then I spent the rest of my time working on holding 3 balls in one hand and throwing the first high and as accurate as possible. Also worked on juggling 3, trying to get comfortable with higher throws. And I worked Romeos Revenge, and Rubensteins Revenge Clawed.

Total practice time: 111 minutes

Location: Home/School

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12th April 2014


# 5ball Preparation, 5 balls, 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 156 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 36:00

So today i started out by doing the 5ball cascade which was notably better than the previous day. Then later, i went through all my basic tricks i know, which was way easier than i thought it was going to be =). Then i practiced some of the more challenging tricks i know, such as the box and hi-low shower. Then I practiced doing 360s.

Edit: Worked on the 55550 and a few 4ball tricks.

I realized that focusing on just the 5ball cascade slows down my progress, even the 5ball cascade itself.

Total practice time: 156 minutes

Location: Home

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6th April 2014


# 5 balls, 5ball Preparation, 3 balls, NEW TRICKS, 114 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 54:00

Had alot of fun learning some new tricks and variations of the new tricks, from a video posted by thegoheads I loved his video, and i still have a few more tricks to learn from it. I still need to learn how to do the confusing one at the beginning, the flo's mess with an under hand throw and the carry over thrown in the middle, and the reverse mills mess.

I also practiced 5balls and I feel like im getting more and more accurate.

And i also learned how to do a few things new: I learned how to do the high-low shower, and the extended box. (both moving and not) I always knew how to do these tricks, just wasn't able to do them very well (especially the high-low shower) until now :).

I had no idea how fun it was to learn simple yet new tricks till today. =)

Total practice time: 114 minutes

Location: Home

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26th March 2014


# accuracy, 5ball Preparation, 3 balls, 3ball basics, 2ball stack, 141 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 21:03: 36

Today i started out by trying the 4ball windmill and actually got a feel of what it's like, but soon lost my patience and got really frustrated, expecting everything to work out the way i wanted it to. So I quit and didn't even count the time i spent juggling on my log entry. Then later on after visiting the visitor's center at the temple, I came home and went right back to practice, working my way towards my goal i completely forgot about earlier, and did very well. My shower patterns are looking PERFECT and clean (i checked in the mirror) though my left side can use a little work. And noticed that all of the patterns i've learned over the months do too. And my inverted shower pattern is getting better and better! I've regained alot more patience and I don't plan on quitting this hobby any day soon, and hopefully EVER.

Today i worked on:
-5ball preperation stuff
-shower on both sides
-box a little bit, just for fun.
-factory, reverse factory, opposite side factory
-inverted shower
-mills mess flash and the 4ball windmill a bit

Today actually went PRETTY well! =)
Woops! forgot to do the 2ball stack. Be right back! okay back. now i am DONE!

Note to self:Have faith, no madder how hard things get!

Total practice time: 141 minutes

Location: Home

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20th March 2014


# 5 balls, 5ball Preparation, accuracy, 3 balls, 128 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 08:00

Everything went well today. My shower on my weak side is better than my strong side, only because my weak side can do it cleaner, without any bad habits. And my strong side shower is beginning to get better, i just about got rid of it's bad habit. I also worked on accuracy a TON. I'm working on bettering my column related tricks by practicing columns 2in1 on both sides, with one being in the middle of me, and another outside, keeping them in their separate positions. And i gotta say, it's helping alot. I was able to run the boston mess with just about NO problem at all. And my factory patterns are improving a ton!

Once again, it is my goal to be able to get 100 catches doing the wide box CLEANLY. I tried the box pattern for fun, after practicing the shower on my weak side, and i could definitely feel what was causing my box pattern to be so unstable. My right hand was catching the passed ball and tossing it up right away, when it should be catching it, bringing it down a bit, and catapulting it into the air, it feels more natural that way. And both my hands need to be doing the same thing.


Total practice time: 128 minutes

Location: Home

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17th March 2014


# 3 balls, 3ball basics, 5ball Preparation, 127 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 07:31: 41

>_< I have had enough of the shower and box trick. I am going to push those tricks aside and work on new tricks and maybe one day work on them again.
You know what?! Scratch all of that out!! I know exactly what's been holding me back from exponential progress. I need to learn to stick to my goals, and my first goal is to completely break my 3ball 51 habits, and score 100 clean passes doing the box WIDE. This is going to be tought, but i must teach myself to stick to my goals!

Total practice time: 127 minutes

Location: Home

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16th March 2014


# 3 balls, accuracy, 5ball Preparation, 106 minutes

Juggle Time:1: 46:00: 33

Today didn't go as well as the other 2 days. But I still made some progress. I grew a little impatient; this is something i'm having a problem with. On a brighter note, i was doing the inverted shower and I scored 24 carry overs. So technically I got 72 catches.

Total practice time: 106 minutes

Location: Home

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6th March 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 4 balls, 5ball Preparation, 5 balls, Trick List 3.1, 120 minutes

Juggle Time: 2: 00:54: 56

Today was one of those days where i felt totally pumped to juggle, and confident. I briefly went through all the basic tricks i knew, then I moved on to some complicated ones, then some new tricks i wanted to try and learn. (Such as 3multiplex behind the back, different from how i've done it before, and the inverse shower)

Afterwards I went through 5ball preperation tricks such as: 3ball flash related tricks, 4ball flash, 4444555504444, multiplexes (really helps with getting my hands comfortable holding extra props) And the 5ball cascade itself! Todays session was great, and I really didn't have any problems simply because I practicing with the desire to get better. (instead of practicing to prove myself that i can do it, like i have been doing recently) I look forward to practice sessions to come in the future and can't wait to have a solid 5 ball pattern :)

Also, I set a goal earlier this month and didn't really jot it down anywhere so i'm going to make it official here so I stay motivated to stick with my goal. It is my goal to be able to juggle the 5b cascade, 50 catches long, before April 1st. I Think i may be able to do it. Well see what happens!

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Home

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4th March 2014


# accuracy, 5ball Preparation, 3 balls, 5 balls, 37 minutes

Juggle Time:37: 00

Managed to squeeze in some practice time. I'm up late doing homework i couldve finished earlier if i didn't bump into the computer, which restarted my computer...causing my 2hrs of work to go down the drain :(

Total practice time: 37 minutes

Location: Home

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28th February 2014


# 5ball Preparation, 4 balls, 5 balls, 3ball basics, balance, 150 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 30:00

Practiced 5 ball preparation stuff. Would practice more but i got a butt load of homework to do.

Edit: Felt guilty for not practicing as long as i usually do, so I practiced 4 and 5 for an extra hour.
Felt good with the 5ball cascade, but I'm not feeling so good about my 4ball pattern. I'm having a hard time improving and perfecting it. I think it may be that I'm thinking too hard about how the pattern should look and expecting perfection.

Edit Edit: Practiced the 4ball fountain, and my 3ball routine. Feeling better with the 4ball fountain. It's easier to work on a trick when relaxed, and focused on the pattern rather than the imperfections, short controls at a time.

Total practice time: 150 minutes

Location: Home

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