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8th May 2016


# 10 ball qualify, b97531, 5 ball backcrosses, 60 minutes

I recently started working on 10 balls again, thanks to my friend for the inspiration! I had been so close to 20 catches for a few weeks but I finally got it!!! 20 catches and it felt like the pattern was great. My camera had stopped recording just a few minutes prior to this though due to it having a low storage space left, so I was pretty angry at myself for that one. I have also been doing a lot of balances recently, beating my 9 ball record and pushing it up to 12 catches. I can also get 5 ball backcrosses back into the pattern now with a balance so that's cool, I am currently working on flashing 6 ball shoulder throws with a balance.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Tayport

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