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26th September 2017


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5, balls, 6, balls, 7 balls, 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 3 rings, 4 rings, 5 rings, passing, 105 minutes

Very good session. Better than expected.
Balls: r70h64s
Warm up: 5 balls. High, 77722, 7777700, 4 ball shower variations (both sides), 4 in one hand, 5 ball shower
6 balls: long run of 6. From 6 to 77772 and back to 6. 777771, 7777770.
7 balls: many good runs (> qualify).
Clubs: tried release of 3 clubs from one hand and then snake. Should train more clubs. Goal: 5 clubs.
Rings: 3 rings pancakes. Tried 5 rings for the first time: qualify was no problem :-)
Passing: Feed with 4 J
First log entry here.

Total practice time: 105 minutes

Location: Gym

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12th January 2016

Stephen Meschke

# 7 balls, 4 clubs, 5, 5 clubs, 60 minutes

Nutrition lacking.

Ran 7b to 200+. The best run since my PR in September.

534 with 4c is starting to feel really good.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: LED lit full court gym

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1st May 2014


# 5, 6 and 7 balls, 25 minutes

been mainly working on DBs
they are already feeling pretty easy compared to the ones one or two months ago but are still not solid so i cant work on connections just now, i also wanted to do some 7 ball endurance but i did not have enough time because i have to prepare myself for school tomorrow (cant wait to get to 800 catches soon)

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: in front of the house

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28th January 2014


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5, balls, 160 minutes

(5balls) Worked on all my 5ball preparation tricks, except for the snake. (3 ball flash n clap, juggling 3 high/very high, 552, 5551, 55550stop, 55555stop, 4444555504444. Today I realized that juggling high makes alot of these tricks easier (with some time and practice of course)

(4balls) Spent some time working on the 4 ball fountain High, low, normal, but mostly high. Then worked on pistons, Synchronous Pistons, Half shower, and Synchronous fountain with some wimpy inbetween (was experimenting! I think i may try mastering the wimpy)

(3balls) Spent about an hour doing 3ball tricks. Spent extra time on boston mess.

I didn't really structure my 3ball or 4ball practice. I need to take the time to do so now on.

Total practice time: 160 minutes

Location: School/Grandmas House (dont laugh)

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