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2nd August 2015


# 4-8 balls, 3-4 rings, rola-bola, 180 minutes

Nice sunny morning so spent a couple of hours juggling in the garden. Was meant to be a club practice session but it was surprisingly windy so aborted that after about a minute in favour of trusty balls.

Started with some 5b siteswaps. Some nice long runs of 753 (c40 rounds but wasn't counting). Was working on 771 quite a bit which I find surprisingly hard. Managed 11 rounds 4 or 5 times but couldn't get any further.

Moved up to a mix of 6, 7 and 8 practice, with the focus mainly being on 7. Achieved a few nice runs of 7 (max 134c) but seemed to be dropping around the 80 mark fairly consistently. Practiced some single backcrosses out of 7, 867, half shower and 8888881 but with only very limited success with any of them today. With 6 had a play with 777771 for just about the first time but only achieved 3 rounds back to pattern. 8 was generally terrible, as was my 4 in one hand practice.

In the evening was going to go to Camcircus but was tired after a 10k run and aware that most are at the EJC so gave it a miss. Did spend about an hour on and off juggling rings and playing around on the rola-bola at home though. Was working on 3 rings with a forehead ring balance again. Was having only limited success. Consistently need to step to the right which I need to sort, especially as there's no room in my living room to do so. Weirdly got to 42 catches 3 times but couldn't get any further with it today.

On the rola-bola (which saw the light of day for the first time in a couple of months) I got back into practising a club chin balance. My level seems to have dropped a bit but getting holds of about 10 seconds fairly consistently. Something to work on as want to get 5b + balance on there. Practiced 5 balls a bit on the rb which was pretty solid with all attempts around 100 catches.

Total practice time: 180 minutes

Location: Garden, Living room

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