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2nd June 2014


# 3ball basics, 3 balls, 3ball ROUTINE, 90 minutes

Juggle Time: 1: 30:00

So this is my first entry for the day. I still haven't gotten my DVD yet, but what evs. I started off by practicing the basics, box take-outs, and a routine, then i went on and crushed orinoco's clawed 3ball cascade record, by 100 catches. (take that!) Then, after feeling comfortable with clawing, i practiced rubensteins revenge and romeos revenge. Before, i was only able to do the 2 ball flourish of Romeos Revenge, now i can run the full trick, but it still needs work.

Later, i worked on juggling 3 balls in one hand (in a cascade sort of way) and the cherry picker.

Oh and earlier, while i was practicing box take outs, I messed up and caught all 3 balls in one hand, it was awesome.

I will be practicing 5 balls later today, and i have a good feeling about it :).

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Home

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29th April 2014


# 3ball ROUTINE, 5 balls preperation, 3ball basics, 3 balls, tricks, 5 balls, 126 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 06:46: 71

Worked on my new variation tricks, and on the usuall stuff. I wasn't completely satisified with my 5ball session, though i still did alright. My right hand has a tendency to reach forward and my left arm at times doesn't throw to the right side far enough. I tried focusing on the throwing the balls at the same height, after struggling with the pattern and magically started doing very well, then after a couple of tries i went back to my old ways. Sigh..I know i'm eventually going to get this pattern down, i just can't see how i'm going to break out of these darned habbits.

Total practice time: 126 minutes

Location: Home

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24th April 2014


# tricks, 3ball basics, 3ball ROUTINE, 3 balls, 5 balls, 43 minutes

Juggle Time:0: 42:52 nearly 43 minutes, so i'll put that down instead of 42^

At the end of my last hour at school, in the band room, I was practicing juggling 5. Some chick (who doesn't even take BAND) saw me do a flash, and told me to do it again. Before i could even start she said: "wait." and pulled out her phone. And i did the 5ball cascade, but messed up. So i told her wait, one more time! And did it again, and held the pattern alot longer than i normally do when i show it off. Maybe 3 or 4 seconds? If not less. This makes me happy because the previous day i was being mocked, and today the exact opposite happened. By the way, i feel even MORE comfortable starting and doing the pattern. So excited!!

And late at night I practiced doing a 3ball routine, trying to mix up and do crazy tricks, which was actually funner than i thought it would be. I was inspired by thegoheads newest juggle videos, he's amazing! If you haven't already, WATCH THEM!!
I thought his club spinning tricks were amazing. (especially in the third video)

While i was juggling, i came up with a new trick that i want to practice. It's a 3ball trick where you hold one ball in each hand, and bounce the third ball from ball to ball. Imagine doin that with 5balls! It's actually pretty hard (atleast with my props, they're perfectly round and sorta bouncy)

Also, i'm very good at the inverted shower now. I still feel like i need a little bit more practice, cause i still get a little bit uncomfortable when attempting the trick in the middle of a routine. Especially on my first try.

Today was great =)

Total practice time: 43 minutes

Location: Home

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28th March 2014


# 3ball ROUTINE, 3ball basics, 3 balls, 2ball stack, accuracy, 136 minutes

Juggle Time:2: 16:22: 36

Had a really good day, as well as juggling session :)

I got a new record doing the inverted shower. I got 55 carry overs, which could be 110 catches but i am not sure, and the pattern felt pretty controlled and clean too!!

My accuracy has improved a ton, I can easily throw a ball high in the air, straight up and down.

And i'm beginning to learn the cherry picker, i discovered a few good ways to prepare for it before attempting the actual pattern.

ALSO! my shower pattern is very clean on both sides!! And i can also juggle the box pattern (which i didn't really practice much) very comfortably now, only one problem, the right side of my box is a little off, it catches from the horizontal passing area and goes up, it should be starting below the line and throwing AT the line. I think i may have developed this bad habit a long time ago when my practice sessions weren't very structured, and i already corrected the way it did this on the shower pattern, so i'm confident i'll just do fine getting rid of it, though i still want to work on my shower pattern before i really get into practicing.

Total practice time: 136 minutes

Location: Home

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