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18th January 2016

Brook Roberts

# 360s, one-handed, 35 minutes

Decided to go along despite hand injury, and just practise 360s with one handed juggling, which should also improve my weak hand.
Continued to be pleased with my 360s. Did various 2 up combos (2 stage hi lo, 2 stage lo hi, 2 stage hi lo and rethrow) and then did a few things with 3 in one hand. 3 up and hi lo to and from 8040 worked, nearish to 2 stage 720 (2 up and rethrow) but also lost one of Heydar's balls up the top :( Really need to focus on not throwing second/third throw forwards.

Total practice time: 35 minutes

Location: West Cambridge Sports Centre

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21st December 2015

Brook Roberts

# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, 360s, 5 clubs, 70 minutes

A strange session where I was kind of hungry and sugar deprived, decided on a whim to dedicate almost all of my session to 360s and still seemed to do pretty well. Zoomed through lots of 360 tricks that I never try that went quite well - 4 ball 2 stage, 1 high two low with 5, 3 up with 5 ball shower being some of the trickier ones, but mostly trying to zoom through a tonne of tricks rather than focus on a few harder ones. Had a start at 540s, got a 2up with 3 but got confused and stopped.

5 clubs went pretty well. 88441 took a while, but 97531 and 3up 360 both happened first time somehow, although both a touch messy, and 975 pirouette seemed plausible. I should probably warm up my 5 cascade a bit more, or at least focus on good form there though.

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: West Cambridge Sports Centre

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