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12th September 2015


# 3-8 balls, balance, 120 minutes

Nice couple of hours working on various ball stuff, quite a bit of which I never practice.

Decided I'd like to run [33] in back crosses and [44] normally so starting work on those.

Did a few endurance runs on 5b+bal for the first time in quite a while so was nice to crack 300 catches twice and beat my previous best.

Shoulder throws, behind the neck and reverse bxx all running nicely too.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: Living room

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19th August 2015


# 3-8 balls, 3-5 rings, 3-5 clubs, balance, headbounce, 120 minutes

Mixed Session. Started well and generally went downhill.

Did achieve a couple of things I've not done before:
2 consecutive rh backcrosses from 5 clubs back to pattern and 4 single backcrosses in 1 run
3 ball high low shower with passes behind the back, to and from shower with same throws
5c plus balance 9 catches (dropped last throw of attempted collect). Had a few runs that were longer in terms of throws but ended in dropping balance and/or everything else. First time it's felt semi-runnable though.

Something new I want to work on at home - was attempting to get a chin balance flipped up into a fat end forehead balance. Got close a couple of times having never tried it previously. Would love to get this with a juggle underneath. Long way to go though...

Finished with a few games of gladiators, at which I was destroyed by Brook. Need to seriously improve my technique.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Location: CUJA

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