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3rd December 2015


# 3-4 balls, 3-4 clubs, balance, 50 minutes

More low ceiling stuff. Few more attempts at 4b half contortion, flash is solid, beyond that much less so. Also 4b shoulders feeling good and almost runnable for a decent length of time. Trying to improve my 3b reverse bxx but struggling to get beyond 8-10 catches.

Continuing to work on Alberts with clubs. Nice run of 20 continuous right hand throws but my pesky left hand continues to fail me. Had a Few successful attempts at single Alberts with a chin balance balance in a couple of runs too.

5 minutes spent on 4 clubs, mainly low flats and scissors in singles.

Total practice time: 50 minutes

Location: Living room

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1st December 2015


# 3-5 balls, 3-4 clubs, headbounce, balance, 70 minutes

Trying to focus primarily on things I can't already do (well).

With clubs I was doing some more work on alberts. 1 club continuous is getting solid but I'm struggling to join 2 with any consistency. Feels a long long way off. Also trying 3 clubs overheads and 4 club scissors on singles but ceiling felt a little too low for both.

With balls - 5b oh, 4b half contortion and 5b shower kneeling were the order of the day.

Finished with head bounce endurance runs. 3 runs in row over 100 bounces which is alright given I don't have a round hb ball currently. Seriously need to get a replacement. Heydar, go buy me stuff please....

Total practice time: 70 minutes

Location: Living room

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30th November 2015


# 3-4 clubs, 5-7 balls, balance, 90 minutes

Right, time to get good at juggling.

Following my fairly dire performance in the inaugural Cambridge entirely unofficial WJF intermediates competition (which, while pretty unsuited to my style of juggling, was rather fun to practice for and compete in), I'm feeling motivated to start improving.

So it must be time to start logging again.

My 6 and 7 balls have gone downhill recently so I did some practice kneeling and was getting some decent runs.

After that was working on 3 club tricks - alerts and chest rolls primarily - and on 5 ball overheads. I've never got to grips with 5b oh before but I'd like to get it solid. Best run of 25 clean today so there's a long way to go...

Also, a bit of club balance because my practises have to include a bit of club balance.

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: Living room

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13th August 2015


# 3-4 clubs, 3-5 balls, 3-5 rings, balance, 75 minutes

First things first, had to crack Heydar's 3 ring cascade plus balance. Thought it would take some time but surprisingly got it on 4th or 5th try. Pleased that this is now starting to feel solid.

Tried some 4 and 5 rings plus ring balance after (under low ceiling) which were far less pleasing.

Various other pockets of juggling through the evening but wasn't feeling very dedicated to anything so didn't achieve much else.

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: Living Room

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11th August 2015


# 3-4 clubs, rola-bola, balance, 25 minutes

Short practice with little actual juggling but some real improvements to my rola bola with a club balance thanks to Peter Bone's sound advice of attempting the rola bola blind.

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: Living room

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10th August 2015


# 3-4 clubs, balance, headbounce, 65 minutes

First practice since Wednesday. Shocking.

Mainly practicing club tricks under low ceiling - helicopters, tricks with flats, various body rolls, alberts, shoulder throws. Nothing very special achieved but fun, don't often play around with new club stuff.

Also some balance plus 3 clubs (chin rolls mainly) and headbounce (trying to turn in circles)

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Living room

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