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7th January 2015

Sjors Stuurman

# 3- 7 balls, Basic Training, 30 minutes

My short Basic Training, going through 3 - 7 balls really quickly to warm up, then work on 7 balls for 5ish minutes, 6 balls for a little bit, work on 5 ball siteswaps, multiplexes and showers, work on 4 ball showers and siteswaps then for like 10 minutes I practice my 3 ball skills. Mostly body throws, small siteswaps (531, 441 etc.), mills mess variations and stuff I use in performances.

All done within my in-between hour that I have each Wednesday, going to continue to log this!

7b: Went well, 20 catches tops, 10 - 14 normal
6b: Did two runs, one around 25 catches, other was like 35 - 40
5b: Normal Shower went very good, got 34 catches, did a 3up 360 once! :)
4b: 7531 into 7441 into 534 went okay, gonna try to get this more solid.
3b: Worked on some Georgian Shuffle patterns, mills' mess variations and did 3 throws behind the neck continuously :)

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: School

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28th July 2014

Sjors Stuurman

# 3- 7 balls, 13 minutes

Warmed up an went on to work on 6 and 7 balls in this evening session.

Total practice time: 13 minutes

Location: Backyard

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