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21st January 2016


# 3 rice sacks with rubber bands making them more like balls, 60 minutes

All my practice until today have taken place inside my mothers house or my sisters house. Today however, I've went back to my appartment. I soon realised that my downstairs neighboor would quickly get annoyed if I juggled inside, our appartments are very badly sound-isolated. I am quite sure he can hear every single step I take, and I don't think he would enjoy listening to the steps I take in my quest to become a juggler. Hence, I decided to juggle outside. The only problem with this is that it is only around 268 degrees outside (degrees kelvin that is of course).
Despite the freezing weather and my rice sacks getting more and more cold and wet due to getting dropped into the snow several times, I broke my previous record several times. My record yesterday was 38 catches, but today I made it to 54, thereby achieving my goal of 50. I kept on juggling and surpassed both 60 and 70 and ended up with a new record of 87 catches! I would have kept practicing further, but I feared that my frozen, numb hands were about to fall off, since they started to shake (more like dancing of joy) and I decided to go back inside.

Previous record: 38
New record: 87

Previous goal: 50 catches
New goal: juggle 3 balls for 3 minutes straight.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Outside my appartment building

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