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11th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 3 ball routine version 2, 80 minutes

As you may have noticed, each practice session I work on all my tricks, although I do longer runs each day for tricks I have not yet mastered, although I make sure I have a clean finish.
I decided to add in a few tricks that I have already mastered, but run them for much longer runs, trying to go for the juggling edge record.
These tricks are: 3 ball overheads, 4 ball sync and async fountain
3 ball overheads I am going to try to have a clean finish each time. This is because it hurts my arms a lot to run it for long, so I want to build up strength over time. I got 250 catches clean
4 ball async: 2:10
4 ball sync: 4: 08

The tricks I haven't mastered yet that I just practice short controlled runs of take up far too much space to wright, so I will just give a progress report every 3 sessions.

I also worked on my 3 ball routine, version 2. I know I won't be performing any time soon, but it's fun to make a routine, and the translations solidify my tricks.

I finished with 101 dips in 5 sets

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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