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10th August 2015


# 3 balls, 4 balls, 5 balls, fitness, 3 ball routine version 1, 60 minutes

A good 40 minutes of juggling (20 minutes for fitness).
The 3 ball tricks I got today was:

35 catches 3b bxx(+5 from yesterday)
6 rounds 3b overhead multiplex(+2 from yesterday)
6 half pirouettes 4 connected half pirouettes(-1 half pirouette, +1 connected half pirouette)
Let me just tell you my half pirouette practice. I do 10 half pirouettes every practice. I try to make most of them connected. For example I did 6 half pirouettes to warm up, then 4 connected half pirouettes to finish. Tommorow I hope to do 5 of each.

What I got in my 4 ball practice:
12 catches 4 ball overhead async(+2 from yesterday)
12 catches 4 ball overhead sync(+2 from yesterday)
28 catches 4 ball halfshower r-l(+ 4 from yesterday)
18 catches 4 ball halfshower l-r(+2 from yesterday)
10 catches 4 ball 53(+2 from yesterday)

My 5 ball practice I got 55 catches, 5 more than yesterday. Hope to get 60 tommorow.

If you look at my practice you see no drastic changes from yesterday. All I care about I improvement, I don't care how much is there. I believe I'm making slow but steady progress.

I also worked on one more thing. I worked on a WJF juniors 3 ball routine. I will work more on it, along with 4 and 5 balls, but for now I just want the basics down. I'm just 13, and I don't plan on going to the WJF for a couple or even a few years. May as well start working on a routine now though!
I also finished with 100 push-ups in 5 sets.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: My bedroom

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