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6th September 2016


# 1 bounce balls, 2 bounce balls, 3 bounce balls, 4 bounce balls, fitness, 70 minutes

Here's my first practice log, by the way I'm a bounce juggler. I'm a very injury prone guy, started off by stretching for 10 minutes.
1 ball: I think it's important to go back to the basics, just advanced moves including between the legs and behind the back bounces, nothing too hard (10 minutes).
2 balls: a much more advanced session, combining moves of behind the back, between the legs, and wimpy patterns. A much harder 2 ball session than what somebody might normally think of one. (25 minutes).
3 balls: a few cascade tries, 3 runs past 100, with my best being 412 3 ball force bounced catches: 412 I then went on to practice the cascade while doing spins and walking/running forward and backwards, then switching to isolation, without moving my feet, and went back and forth between the 2. I then switched to a cascade with a bounced ball under the leg, and then behind the back (15 minutes).
4 balls: just a quick little session today. Wanted to try more 4 ball patterns but ran out of time. 6 catches of 4 ball sync. 4 ball force bounced catches: 6 (5 minutes).
Fitness: Did an hour long bike ride today, but not by choice, as I had to go to my rowing, and I was exhausted because of doing a 2 hour bike ride the previous day. After this, I went on and did a tough core workout, which is probably not going to let me move tomorrow. Side note: I didn't add the bike ride into my session time, but did add the other fitness parts (15 minutes).

Total practice time: 70 minutes

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