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5 balls, 7 balls, #season, #whatIwant, #improvement, #structuredPractise, #efficiency, 85 minutes

°yay°, I'm back to the internet °yippie°, hi again everyone :o)
have meanwhile been doing some 3b blindfold with upto over 300 catches, intending to get 250-300 within like 15 mins, then to vary width and height and the front plane, but not in order to endure very much more, but as a "good-for" 5b blind, for practise of the latter to make more sense (instead failing 99,99%).
Have upgraded 3b2c propmix to 2b3c; hard, a chaos at first, but now getting upto 4 rounds (about once per stint), several times 3 per stint. I guess, full focus on throwing and spinning well, not caring about any catching, but hoping for it to come fully automized, gave that slight improvement. I'm pushing this, sacrificing almost all the 5b enduring stints and even upto all of 5b rev time that I used to do, in order to get out of failing so much most the time.
For 7b, got a few \several runs over 60 and about twice over 70 throws, which is pretty good for winter with like four (T-)/shirts on.


5b casc varied - ~10 min. ___ 9-high throwing has gotten better, can keep a few rounds up and can walk back and forth with 9-high now. Can now regularly slowly step\pivot 360° upto twice either way around, once each normal high, plus once each 7-high.
7b casc - ~75 min. ___ 51, 41, 57 throws' longest runs. [ daily7b III: 57 ]

Total practice time: 85 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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7 balls, 9 balls flashing, #whatIwant, 5 balls, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, 213 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - ~8 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - ~3 min.
9b flashing - ~95 min. ___ Eight times 8 gathers. Two or three times 11 throws (into at most 7 g). Another ugly but relieving full caught flash (one ball caught handback to cheek), 9 c. - #whatIwant - What I'm after now ( 8g and 11 t isn't enough anymore) is a flash every once in a while and that gorgeous feeling of juggling rethrows, hopefully 13 and 15 throws again anytime, and hopefully catching them all once now.
7b casc - ~20 min. ___ 44
[short break, 10']
5b casc varied - ~5 min.
7b casc - ~82 min. ___ 41, 46 throws' runs longer than 40 t. ___ [ daily7b III: 46 ]

Total practice time: 213 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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7 balls, #whatIwant, 9 balls flashing, #StagesOfLearning, 197 minutes

Not muggy, not sweaty, yet warm ( ~30° C ) gave mostly not all fresh juggling with reluctant shoulders on the forcing parts, just about two short better phases, weary-worn (esp. feet on those cobbles) towards end.
5b casc varied - ~12 min. ___ Instead of slowly turning, turning torso only, left-right, pivoting with one foot, would do here just aswell. ___ Did walking back an' forth two-three steps, starting on comfortable height, slowly going higher 'n higher.
9b flashing - ~40 min. ___ Started doing 6 gathers at most for a longer while until I got into 7 g being normal. One late 8 gathers, two almosts (8 g). A 9 c in sight (ended 7 g). Stopped in favor of 7b.

9b practise often goes like this: I can distinguish like three to four kinds of phases:
a - early ) - doing bad yet, blundering, klutzing 6 gathers and below, trying to find into pattern, into fluent, automized launches. Many drops, easy going picking them all up, don't allow for a practising rhythm, few attempts like per minute;
b - middle ) - often fluent, swift, automized launches, 7 gathers a lot, 8 eventually - few drops per attempt allow for more attempts per time and give a good, fruitful, promising practising rhythm that - together with good patterns - also allows for reflecting, how to try differently, what to focus on at the next attempt, or to try and do exactly like a good last one;
c) (rare) mainly fully in good practising rhythm, right back in focus after picking up few drops fast, getting 8 gathers every once in a while, some 9 c in sight, and then also anytime ..
d) all-of-a-piece launches, and allowing for precious rethrows collaterally getting me more 8 gathers and upto 13-15 throws' launches. Nothing may disturb or conditions be suboptimal in any way ( moskitoes, sweaty-hands-sticky balls, bad arms, rain or tempest coming up putting me under time pressure, irritating wind gusty or from the side, anything ).
Then, either I don't see it getting better, or else it becomes exhausting, or else practise and-or results become worse again. Doing 7b then seems to make notably more sense, as there too, I'm eager to break the 100 throws landmark and to get into 7b tricks [ #whatIwant ].
Only sometimes that order gets futile when starting right into a good phase on a good day.

7b casc - ~145 min. ___ 37, 39 cl, 51 cl (ended in reverse) throws' longest runs. ___ [ daily7b III: 51 ]

Total practice time: 197 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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5 ball tricks, #posture, #StagesOfLearning, #PR, #whatIwant, 89 minutes

37' + 52' - 5b rev casc - ___ 142 cl (@ ^10'), 165 (@ 15', fought for, hazardous), 159, 164 cl, .. [ #posture #SoL ] - if there's something like a static ground-posture, a default posture, then for rev it's with forearms out, pointing outward, elbows in ( not really a ``revelation´´, trivial even, but I now like know where my arms belong whenever in doubt for a millisec, kind'a matches that reflex of darting late catches to the outside for rethrowing, too ), .. //15'//, 130, 129, 122, 131, 208, 147, 160? + 197 [°] ( last run, #PR, tensed, saved like two collisions or so amidst, slaving to the pattern, yet rolling well in shape mostly ) throws' runs longer than 120 throws. ___ [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 357 ] ( or - not all sure - 437 ?? unlikely )

[°] - I restarted counting sets of eight throws, after twenty or thirty sets and got to another 24 sets plus three more pairs thrown; usually I do that (restart counting from naught) after twenty sets, which is what I'm gonna log, 357 throws, as 352 catches, ( 44 sets of 8 t + 6 t minus earliest last drop assumed on fifth last throw ); but I never got that far before and was a bit puzzled about where I was with counting, so I can't exclude that I restarted counting twice, once after twenty sets of eight throws, then once again after reaching new PR at thirty sets of eight (would then be 437 throws), but I don't think so, I think, I went on counting "11" after thirty sets. However, this will be hard to confirm, and my actual goal rather is to always get over 200 throws within like an hour or only half [ #whatIwant ]. - btw, was about time for something moving here.

Total practice time: 89 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #StagesOfLearning, #mentec, #whatIwant, 9 balls flashing, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, #nature, 205 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 10 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 5 min.
9b flashing - 20 min.   Seven times 7 gathers, two of which almost 8 g.
5b 56752 - 35 min.   After not so many 6th and 7th sides, got two each 8th and 9th sides, one each of which clean. [[[or is it: "one of each of which"???]]]   #SoL #mentec - I quit trying to do or think "different ways" in favor of sticking to rolling the pattern without thinking, just emphasizing the 6-es - a clear line to improve on, I hope. Want like 150 throws, a low fast pattern, and the ability to play on the 2-holds before they do their 6-es, play on the rhythm a bit, vary higher\\lower pattern at will [ #whatIwant ].
7b casc - 135 min.   Started with early gorgeous short runs with low pattern (max 2ft above head) felt like doing 5b, swift smooth easy, ``normal´´, familiar, ``cascady´´ as should, snapped-in, but couldn't hold that nimble feel. After only a while did (anyway) get 51, 47 throws runs (higher pattern, fought for), then a long bad phase below 39 throws, .. slowly got better again when I tried to do more relaxed getting me a satisfying 63 (after ten days daily best below 60 th), and 47, 43 throws runs.   [ daily7b II: 63 ]

#nature - horseflies are out; expecting grasshoppers next now :o])

Total practice time: 205 minutes

Location: shady rivershore-meadow

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