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16th February 2017


# 7 balls, #StagesOfLearning, #technique, 5 balls, #theory, #ballproperties, 115 minutes

Now that its notably warmer outdoors, I can definitely say that my MMX1 have become much softer again after, during winter in the cold, they were feeling almost like the hard Babache's Bubble Balls that I used to juggle with. - #ballproperties
5b warmup, casc varied, shower - 5 min.   A few attempts on shower again; got a flash at last by throwing all up as fast as I could to a spot high up there, but not too high in order to not need much longer dwelltime and effort for little gain of even more height. [ #theory ? #``optimal perfect throw´´ ? ]         
7b casc - 100 min.   An hour not over 39 throws, many 35 th.
#SoL #technique - I tuned on my launch, which I regularly get problems with all of a sudden, and today found out, that I sometimes tend to not scoop the first throws, not throw from rather the middle. Focussing on that, I then got too narrow patterns in turn.
No idea, how I got out of that puzzle, but then finally found nimbleness, speediness, smoothness, found automized good launches again, found my pattern with focus well connected to its rolling top, and got acceptable runs (in matters of result & feel for pattern's top) with 43, 41, 51, 41 cl, 45 throws.   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
In between got a   quadruplex backcross -+- triplex (front) from launch to clean collect.
5b "fastest" - 10 min.

Total practice time: 115 minutes

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14th June 2016


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #StagesOfLearning, 8 balls triplex, 3 balls, #otu, 3 clubs basics, 4 balls, #geometry, #technique, #theory, 8 balls, 300 minutes

3c basics - ~20 min Normal clubs, not usual wooden ones - horrible!: don't catch well, don't collect well - too fat 'n bouncy; too big, spin near my face, and too big in general, they need too much space and reduce scope of reach; they hit palm and fingers instead sliding into; by merely existing they take in precious space, where there could be sth else. :o])   However, managed a bx as triple with stronghand and one as double with whd back to cascade (which i don't dare with wood).
3b, (4b) overhead xhd splits - ~25 min. #otu   3b - [43]20 - went well; 4b nothing.   Much different than i expected .. range is much smaller, so must be the pattern. And hands can't circle as usual - think, i don't like overheads, but maybe i find a way (e.g. alternating inside\\outside throws, e.g. elbows pointing foreward).
4b asy fountains i/o - ~10 min.   #SoL #technique #geom - Had the idea to orient on the shared vanishing point (somewhere far below the pattern) in the normal ftn (throwing away from it) in order to somehow link two 1hd 2b together, which worked very good. Reverse ftn (vanishing point is far above pattern) even better. - #theory - Found out, a rev ftn isn't much different from a rev casc when all throws are thrown to the middle.
8b wimpy - ~5 min.   6 gathers max. Once 8 c in reach.
8b [567][22]2 - ~25 min.   Got four triplex thrown (12 balls), 10 catches. I like that trick and think, i can get more catches.
5b fastest - ~30 min.   Good runs. Getting ``zony´´.
5b 56752 - ~70 min.   #SoL - Early remembered to look low; but feels very different and new: the 7-s fly up out of sight. So had to look slightly higher, too high to focus on the 5-s and 6-es only.
7b casc - ~115 min.   ,,,[X] ,,,,48 ,,,,,43 ,,41 ,,41 ,,, throws runs longer than 40 th. [Commas = timeline; [X] = break]   [ dailyLongestRun7b: 48 ]

Total practice time: 300 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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6th October 2015


# 5 balls, 3 balls, 3 ball tricks, #technique, #theory, 95 minutes

Misc - ~10 min.   4b-633, bad-> stopped at once.   3b-531 with one big ball Ø 15 cm doing the 3-s, okay test, feasible in minutes.   (..?)   3b \\ 5b casc - 85 min.   Tried to find an easiest way to juggle, and also to endure: used 3b to have no effort at all and see what happens after minutes of enduring (never done before) ..   a.0) I CAN endure SOMEthing!   a) forgot whole tens (twenties) of sets of 8 throws counted after round eighty sets of 8 th counting two sets of 8 to twenty, three of these to sixty, then five of these sets of sixty sets of 8 th O.o,O = did 2655 catches (possibly 2895?) in round 12 minutes, with no effort, just like walking,   b) music disturbs beat and counting,   c) staring in same direction all that time leads to grey areas of nothing in sight,   d) not mainly from wrists, not mainly from underarms was best mixture for 3b,   e) [ #technique ] short dwell-time by (very) flapping wrists is good for lower pattern with small scoop - for higher pattern it gains too much time(!): hands have to wait for the balls landing without scooping for a moment, losing any smooth circling-rhythm matching the beat. However, from a certain height (about head-high), upperarms start to move, if juggled from underarms mainly, so getting on that height by loose wrists a good bit, does it with no upperarm involved again. But the interdependencies between all aspects (arm-parts' movement, dwell-time, scoop, wrist-lever involved, flight-height, .. ) are complex.   Tried to transport that (what exactly - I don't know) to 5b .. but too occupied keeping the pattern up enduring max 443 throws. I think to have found out, that, the more balls involved, the more flapping respectively more (gaining more time then needed) will be helpful to find into a smooth scoop + dwell-time [again, I'll stay owing any practical or calculated-biophysics proof]. [ dailyLongestRun5b: 443 ]

Total practice time: 95 minutes

Location: room

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