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11th September 2017


# #conditions, 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 7b casc varied, #exercises, #season, 123 minutes

Conditions near perfect.
9b flashing - 15 min.   Three times 7 gathers.   Short stint, meant mainly as preparation for 7b, which gave a slightly different (more sophisticated) mindset: do what I can and see what I get and focus rather on accurracy (not really "going for it" a lot).
7b casc - 96 min.   After a while without any notable long runs (didn't have any 9b-effect today), got a 51 throws' run, right before that, I had tried to - at about 27 t - pull a pattern down, that went well, but was a bit too high, but went into collapse. So, after that 51 t run, did a few exercises [*see below].   51, [*], 53, 43, 57 cl throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 57 ]
[*] - In between did some ..
7b casc varied - ~12 min.   the exercises were:
  pulse high \\ low - higher and higher, then try to pull the pattern back down again (which is hard) - after a few fails, got a pattern back down, and one also even pulsing down and back up again into collapse.
  pulse wide \\ narrow - didn't ever get there: at first started with very narrow patterns and maybe managed into wide + collapse. Also right into wide went to collapse. Then tried from normal width intending to go into narrow first and got collisons. Never got the chance to get from wide back to narrow again.
  turn against drift - against my usual drift into weakhandside, that is. Got it np on second attempt a 90+° turn into stronghandside.
I really should do more of the kind, as not being able to narrow a too wide pattern at all seems really a major handicap, and getting that down could maybe make a notable overall improvement. And I really also should be able to pull patterns down without having to exercise it first.

Too short. I have to face it: Am on bad terms with discipline, perseverance, unconditionality. I do have unbroken motivation, zeal, eagerness and greediness while doing, though. It's just often a little quarrel to overcome a (current) backache, a kneeache, or whatever body nudging, even those will vanish when juggling (moving). Should be doing two hours more than average 4h, instead of 2h less. Hope to get this fixed as long as it's fall with good outdoor conditions.

Total practice time: 123 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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7th June 2017


# 7 balls, #season, 9 balls flashing, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, #nature, 270 minutes

( great weather, not too warm plus some wind, partly a bit fresh even. good form. )
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 17 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 5 min.
9b flashing - 25 min.   Bad. Not over 6 gathers. Not speedy enough, inaccurate.
5b 52567 - 62 min.   A good bunch 6th, two or three 7th, and several 8th sides one of which clean. Also one 11th side plus two throws into 12th side; surely a top 3 or top 4 best runs ever; but I couldn't get even near confirming, so I'll rate it as an ``irrational´´ peak run or a ``purely statistical outbreaker´´ and anyway still far away from where I want to overall be with that pattern.
7b casc - 162 min.   45, 57, [ short break, 10+ min, snack and lie down two minutes ], 47 cl, 46 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 57 ]   #season - Also here: not happy with a lack of palpable progress ( that I've been hoping on since spring, delayed since gorgeous runs and yields last fall, cf. 7b entry Sept, 2016 ) .. am getting too few very good very long runs to get any increased training effect on them.

#nature - swallows - not much lacking and they'll fly right through my higher patterns.
( [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 0 ] datachartstuff )

Total practice time: 270 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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8th September 2016


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #PR, #StagesOfLearning, #efficiency, #season, 9 balls flashing, 5 balls, 7 ball tricks, #structuredPractise, 165 minutes

5b casc varied - ~10 min.   warmup. endured 368 throws. 168 throws wristy 7-high. ~20 throws wristy 9-high, but not so swift, rather tensed with somewhat too much effort.
9b flashing - ~25 min.   Two times 7 gathers; once 8 clearly in reach. Some good patterns in the air.
5b 52567 - ~35 min.   Finally a long run, way above fifth side: new sweet #PR 32 catches clean (8 sides or rounds) from launch to clean collect; went to collect without need in good pattern, in order to secure a clean collect for the very long run.  ( i have no idea, how to rate this as a breakthrough on the pattern, or as just constantly improving on my average, or as just one exeptional irrational (lol) peak run on a good day in a good phase ).  Had shortly before already beaten my old record with a full caught sixth side, 24 c cl and it had felt like "more!".
  Furthermore, got: 24 throws 1 drop. Another sixth side thrown to collapse. Six fifth sides thrown to drop(s). Seven times 16 c cl - guess I can start ignoring those latter fourth sides now.
  #SoL - The melody, the algorithm, of that siteswap, as I've been thinking as two high over two low throws of ( low--Hm.--low--higher self--high ), I am now actually doing & thinking as ``effort-algorithm´´, as ``guide to the amount of force put into each single digit´´:   no effort low -- Hm. -- no effort low -- power-self -- good thrust 7,   different thrusts in the right rhythm .. of how, what and when the hands and forearms are supposed to feel, so to say.

#efficiency #season - Time to take stock on practise time invested for this: Started April 17, did short stints upto may, 20, only then ~Ø 60 min almost daily, which makes about roughly 105d à 60' = over 100 hours struggling to keep this pattern rolling. Waaaay more than I expected (thought, a few, maybe several weeks, an' it's become months), but it's five balls after all and not at all trivial stuff. Still need to confirm, get it stable, reliable, and endure it some, before I can be too proud of it ..

7b casc - ~75 min.   43, 50, [tricks°], 69, [tricks°], 44, [bx°], -, -, throws runs longer than 40 th.
  Did my second ever 7b trivial tricks - 10' short stint in between:   °27[75]°.   single claw.   absurd all up 180°; got them all up and the bodyspin - 4 gathers lol, but those 4 were late throws and landed straight up, so behind me after the spin and I collected them sort of overhead (had to laugh out loud about myself or some juggling demon foolin' me there haha).   bx very very hard, but don't seem impossible.
  Expecting any results in such stints doesn't make much sense .. it's mostly blundering and getting one success on like ten fails + picking up drops most the time - "success" meaning any not total collapse, not mere chaos, but like thrown + normal afterthrows or + a rethrow done - best I got was like almost a full collect on a °27[75]° rethrow, and a second matching rev throw for fast-tennis (casc--rev--normal--normal--normal--normal--rev--a.s.o.). But it opens precious new perspectives on the ground pattern when for doing claws, you have to spot a ball to prepare for clawing that one from high and throwing it with a fast handmovement, or else for doing fast-tennis, you have to see the whole pattern to fit the fifth revthrow in well, or else, when doing °27[75]°, it's a question of timing and splitting the duplex vertically well within two dwelltimes (adjusting balls, get thumb in between, get bigger scoop done). So, long stints of this would really mean to challenge your karma, whereas short stints of this, even though mostly ("only", actually) failing, give new insights on, and skills for, your groundstate. (#structuredPractise)
[ dailyLongestRun7b: 69 ]
5b fastest - ~10 min.   37 throws counted of "fast", ~chin-to-nose-high.

Total practice time: 165 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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6th April 2016


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 5 ball tricks, #PR, #season, 170 minutes

Ordered 9 white MMX.
5b casc varied - ~25 min.   Usual. And 9-high 17 catches.
  And endured 1089 throws - first time over 1,000 , but ugly with nudges bailed out, and at least second half forced and fought through (nothing "easy, swift, nimble, like walking"), so not at all happy with that run's form. Just very relieved (glad, that's over!) that i got what i wanted and can do other now.   Finally, tricks, here I come again! - Half a year cascade almost only (7b in any case, but 5b too!?) was queer enough, now. So, glad, I'm back to normal. - Curious, also, to see if and how this hopefully improved ground-state impacts on learning 5b tricks (RO, BX, all up 180°, stuff, siteswaps, blind!?, half-tennis in now longer serious stints again).
5b all up 180° - ~5 min.   Didn't get it (only almost, all in reach, 4 gathers max) today.
7b casc - ~140 min.   ,,,,,, 41,,,,,, 43,,,,, throws runs longer than 38 th. [Commas = timeline]   [ dailyLongestRun7b: 43 ]

Total practice time: 170 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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16th January 2016


# #season, 1 minutes

looks like outside-season is definitely over now (snowy, ~0°)
any outside will now be with gloves and unsporty thick clothing
day off to put up with that and accustom with mainly wholly inside stints
more time on low juggling
already looking forward to next 7b outside

[ dailyLongestRun7b: 0 ]
[ dailyLongestRun5b: 0 ]

Total practice time: 1 minutes

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