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7 balls, #endupatt, #improvement, #exercises, #posture, 5 balls, 118 minutes

( 10° C, mild but partly pretty windy, gloves on )
5b casc varied - ~7 min.
7b casc - ~111 min. ___ 46, 44, 43, 52, gloves off, 42, 45, 42, 58, 49 throws' runs longer than 40 t. [ daily7b III: 58 ] #improvement #endupatt Did well near the body a good deal, upto the pattern asking for me to slowly trip back a bit as you see it from good numbers jugglers. The pattern partly felt perfect, also for, i think, more and more narrow runs than usual; ( but also got my usual drift into too wide ). Tried extremely as near the body as would go a little bit ( kind'a my nose right inside the frontplane, mostly failing, but checkin' out that dimension in the first place #exercises ). Good connection to pattern's top a good deal too.

Total practice time: 118 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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5 ball tricks, #posture, #StagesOfLearning, #PR, #whatIwant, 89 minutes

37' + 52' - 5b rev casc - ___ 142 cl (@ ^10'), 165 (@ 15', fought for, hazardous), 159, 164 cl, .. [ #posture #SoL ] - if there's something like a static ground-posture, a default posture, then for rev it's with forearms out, pointing outward, elbows in ( not really a ``revelation´´, trivial even, but I now like know where my arms belong whenever in doubt for a millisec, kind'a matches that reflex of darting late catches to the outside for rethrowing, too ), .. //15'//, 130, 129, 122, 131, 208, 147, 160? + 197 [°] ( last run, #PR, tensed, saved like two collisions or so amidst, slaving to the pattern, yet rolling well in shape mostly ) throws' runs longer than 120 throws. ___ [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 357 ] ( or - not all sure - 437 ?? unlikely )

[°] - I restarted counting sets of eight throws, after twenty or thirty sets and got to another 24 sets plus three more pairs thrown; usually I do that (restart counting from naught) after twenty sets, which is what I'm gonna log, 357 throws, as 352 catches, ( 44 sets of 8 t + 6 t minus earliest last drop assumed on fifth last throw ); but I never got that far before and was a bit puzzled about where I was with counting, so I can't exclude that I restarted counting twice, once after twenty sets of eight throws, then once again after reaching new PR at thirty sets of eight (would then be 437 throws), but I don't think so, I think, I went on counting "11" after thirty sets. However, this will be hard to confirm, and my actual goal rather is to always get over 200 throws within like an hour or only half [ #whatIwant ]. - btw, was about time for something moving here.

Total practice time: 89 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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