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13th May 2018


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, #otu, #mentec, #focus, 5 balls, 173 minutes

5b casc varied - ~8 min.
9b flashing - ~40 min. ___ ( didn't wanna do that long, but rather invest in 7b, but it went well, felt good, and I was greedy on gettin' sth ) ___ Got four times 8 gathers. Two or three 9 c in reach ( but for e.g. fumblin' the second last catch into two last drops or so ). Upto to 14 unreasonable throws in an already lost rest of the pattern ( still five rethrows in rhythm, tho ). __ oh! .. forgot: #SoL - For rethrowing I had that perception-flash of focussing on more than only the first, like four, I think, incoming balls, already spotting them, that is, .. before(!) even having finished the launch. Thinking and doing further ahead, so to say [ #mentec #focus ]. So, that's a good idea to do at current level.
7b casc - ~120 min. ___ 50, 49, 52, 43 ( this one ended in several reverse throws ), 43, 47, 49 throws runs longer than 40 th. Towards end, the ground was wet from a slight rain, and the dirt \sand \tiny stones stuck to the dropped balls and didn't wipe off easily anymore, so I tried absolutely dropless, going to collect at slightest loss of the 100% safe pattern or slightest feeling of loss of control, and got upto like five-six runs to clean collect in a row before next drop, longest being ~27 c cl, most about only 9-11 c cl. But it felt too restricted, unfree, and I rather went for it again. ___ [ daily7b III: 52 ] unrepresenting weak yield, as I was partly well connected to pattern's top, which felt good, like sth were possible today.
5b casc - ~5 min.

Total practice time: 173 minutes

Location: sports area´s parking area

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5th January 2018


# 5 ball tricks, #focus, #efficiency, #mentec, #reflecting, #StagesOfLearning, 262 minutes

187' + 75' - 5b rev casc - 83 (12'), 83 cl, .. with more focus on angles, no columns, doing wider, lately, I've been neglecting pattern's top, overthrowing the last ball up, connecting left & right throws somehow. ( Else, i can only "Throw towards center line, but not over it!" ) That last ball up's apex or trajectory also needs to be anticipated as it's still on its way up when I do the next throw. ( In 5b regular cascade in compare, once a ball is past the middle, the tunnel for the next ball is wide open. ) Finding, then focussing on what exactly triggers the next throw, thus the entire rhythm, could be an effective approach for any pattern. .. , 111 (35'), 95, 91, 87, 95 cl, 87 cl, 104, .. one ball down -15 g to 35 g - exchanged it, .. 87, 111 cl, 85, 95, //10'//, 134, 83, 116 throws runs longer than 80 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 134 ]
[ daily7b II: 0 ]

Total practice time: 262 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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25th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #list, #exercises, #focus, #mentec, #StagesOfLearning, #efficiency, #endupatt, #ThinkAs, #structuredPractise, #reflecting, #technique, 160 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

60' - 5b rev casc -

Systematically - easy going, no fights to keep up or sth - went through all kinds of focusses, ways of aiming, ways of thinking the pattern, modes indeed:

  1. - trapezium - throwing along the sides of a trapezium, with shared flightpoint high up - ~40 throws, .. it turned out, that focussing either on aiming the shared flightpoint or else on doing the throwing movement along the trapezium's sides in that angle are two different focusses

  2. - ``over´´ the pattern, along it's inner part - seeing where I'm throwing, what I'm doing + a second focus on height are better here, .. got ~24

  3. - similar: "to the middle", through an imagined horizontal ring, focus on where balls should land (less on right height) - chaotic, already a little landing spread disconcerts, useless without also scooping well (didn't even pay attention to balls on collision course) - had 21 throws

  4. - nice bowy weakhand throws (no matter anything else, but including height of the bows thrown course) - 24 t

  5. - along the high incoming ball - 47 cl, .. in case of bad timing gives unconstant height (corresponding to - in the moment that I throw and aim - .. to where the oriented on ball is, when, early or late, it's on a different height), .. is also pattern's top, i just realize, .. merged into remote controlling a top's 3b rev cascade!?

  6. - with active thumbs, in a scope of a) thumb in case helping or sustaining, stabilizing, to b) gripping every throw with also the thumb and it being active also at release; overall catching nearer to or in the palm then (rather than in a fingerbasket) - ~23 t?

Not easy or obvious to switch between mindstates or focusses.

40' - repeat:

  1. - trapezium, to shared flightpoint - 39, 41 throws

  2. - over the pattern - clear view, nothing to imagine, .. doesn't in any way enforce scooping well, .. maybe nothing to orient on when pattern (is about to) fall apart, .. 53 cl

  3. - similar: "to the middle" - not so good. ~16-20

  4. - whd leads, prio & focus on nice bowy whd throws - 47 cl, ~40?, 67, couldn't soon soon confirm this longest upto now run in this session

  5. a variation of this could be with prior focus on anything weakhand does, on nothing of that in particular, in no special distinct mode.

    /break, 25'/

    35' -
  6. - along highest incoming ball / remote controlling a 3b rev cascade top - 49 throws (actually doing "over the pattern" here), .. one bad throw and your orientation is gone in this mode

  7. - active thumbs - 33 t

  8. - trapezium, along sides - 31, 31 ("over the pattern"), 53 t (loosely, merged into "over the pattern" again).

Too few data to draw any conclusions but from how it felt, what it seemed:
Above and before anything else, a well scooping weakhand needs be granted in the first place.
"remote control", "remote controlling only the 3 ball top", is most fun for sure, (it also downright asks for scooping, aiming, doing well in general), but needs a period or two of a good, stable pattern, and relaxed juggling first; first "doing along the high incoming ball" seems the easier exercise;
"over the pattern" was often what came merging; (also somewhat enforces good scoop, but still, nonetheless allows for too narrow patterns); seems to be the most direct, concise, the most obvious option within a small frame with best view on the whole;
"active thumbs" is in any case a good exercise for more options on finetuning and bail outs; it seems to entail low wide patterns (thus a bit more difficult, more challenging); also feels different, but makes a lot of sense to own as a technique;
"focus on weakhand only /whd leads / bowy throws" is a good necessary exercise;
.. but it remains unclear, how much a good pattern results from those ways, or else, is necessary to have it already gotten up rolling shortly, before even getting the opportunity to do in those ways (e.g. when going through imagining a trapezium).

25' - unrestricted, now, going for some result, high prio on whd scoop, now - 79 ("remote controlled 3b top" + "over & into the pattern" that was), 82 cl ("over & into"), 82 cl. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 82 ]

Total practice time: 160 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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10th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #mentec, #focus, #endupatt, #ThinkAs, 3 ball tricks, 166 minutes

Too rainy, overcast, grayish-darkish, cold, windy outdoors. [ daily7b II: 0 ]

12' - 3b elroll-takes - got upto five or six in a row in a two-count. It's not as presumed yesterday a 423 variation, but indeed maintaining crossing throws(?), the cascade(?), a ``three-beat-all´´(?), (but it's unclear how to fit that roller into s'swap notation).

1' - 3b 524RO13 - fluent (but sometimes a few back to cascade throws in between).

153' - 5b rev casc - started with short controlled runs to find into an endurable pattern - 73 (12'), 99 cl (30'), 109 (60'), 93 cl, 89, 79 cl, 71, [ #mentec #focus #endupatt #ThinkAs ] tried throwing over the whole pattern into the middle upto here, but from now on aiming along the steep sides of an imagined trapezium (with shared flightpoint very high up there somewhere), thus throwing angles with portionned thrust in the first place, only then with secondary focus on right height, 77 cl, 83, 79 cl, 71, 90, 71 cl, 75, 74 throws longest runs. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 109 ]

Total practice time: 166 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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6th September 2017


# 7 balls, #mentec, 9b flashing attempts, 5 ball tricks, 5 balls, 239 minutes

9b flashing - 88 min.   Twentysix(!) times 7 gathers. Several 8 g in reach. Two 8 g gotten. Very few rethrow attempts, one good one: 13 throws. Sometimes I do: "First two or four throws rather too wide than narrow!" (cos too narrow as usually happens is sort of `granted´ anyway). Whole stint felt great again.
5b 56752 - 19 min.   Rather bad, into 9th side to collapse, an 8th side clean, a 7th, all fought for, tensed.
7b casc - 128 min.   43, 49, 45, 43 throws longest runs. A few nicely rolling runs. But mostly not doing smooth, nimble enough - [ #mentec ] guess, the thing is, when doing with unleashed wrists, you give away control at first and I have to awarely actively decide to now do wristy as should and go through re-seizing control (get the aiming well) doing that way; unwristy is simply the intuitive way that happens when not thinking about it or not noticing or focussing on sth else (e.g. top of pattern).  [ daily7b II: 49 ]
5b fastest - 4 min.

Total practice time: 239 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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25th August 2017


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, #focus, #mentec, 197 minutes

9b flashing - 57 min.   Five times 7 gathers, one of which almost 8 g (bumped out of reach from full weak catchhand).   Two(!) times 8 gathers, one of which 9 catches in reach - for one millisecond I spotted them all for catch, but the last ones came to narrow and I was bodycatching arms to torso already. - Expecting that flash or more anytime now, especially when there will be fresher weather who knows when (today 30°+C, muggy, sweat running down my face like water) .   [ #focus - ] I need to focus more on where I want pattern's top and let `the hands find the tunnels and sideways along the partly balls already up by themselves´ with that aiming area in that top in mind; and not so much focus mainly on throwing through the middle or angles or on width - for those latter things, the mere intention with one thought, before even launching, should be enough [ #mentec ].
7b casc - 140 min.   43, 47 cl, 43 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 47 ]

Total practice time: 197 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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22nd August 2017


# 4 balls, #StagesOfLearning, #mentec, #otu, #prEx, 250 minutes

4b Fountain-Day / Attacking the 4b fountain - ~250 min

Had to wait in front of the house, so took this opportunity to eradicate my fountain- stumbling block / repugnancy / aversion:

Hardly got over like 12 throws with it. I knew before, I'd dearly need most trivial exercises in order to get anywhere with this:
- started off with 1hd 2b joining in for single throws ( s'swap 4[22]4[22]..4[42]424[22]..a.s.o. ). Then in a joining-hand's 2-beat ( 4[22]4[22]..4[42]424[42]42..a.s.o. ) as long as would go, then every now and then two consecutive throws from the joining hand ( 4[22]..4[42]44424[22]..a.s.o. ). Then more throws.
Those exercises got me to about 20 throws of the regular, 'full' fountain.
- Weakhand did unwanted columns. Hands weren't `connected´.
- Figured out this: one `main´-hand shall keep on doing 1hd 2b, the other goes to collect as soon as I lose control after a few consecutive fountain throws. So there wouldn't be any drop. And changed this main-hand during the run, alternated it. This was a good exercise for both hands to re-join the other doing 1hd 2b into full fountain.   The interruptions (one hand needing to collect and re-join in) got less, and I got longer and longer and lower runs; lower also means a flatter angle to throw away from middle (like away from middle in "V" shape so to say). Worked myself up like that, and also by doing on different heights, to an about 100 throws run [ #prEx ] and longer poised snapped-in phases, yet more slaving to the pattern than really having full control (so, still not ``owned´´, but I now know what it's supposed to be and feel like - I've once and for all `seen it before´ now).

[ #SoL #mentec #exercises(?) .. ? ]

All this felt like 2½ (hoping for maybe 3) hours passed, and I couldn't believe it had been over 4h when I looked at my watch. There were a few  "Djeeses, how can such a simple pattern be so hard to get down?!"-moments, as even half-long runs upto like 30 throws still felt awkward, tensed, klutzed, very unsatisfying (whereas the exercises with early collects were very much okay). Hadn't I have had to wait for a technician, I might in between have adjourned to another day. So, yeah, unconditionally "doing until" got me through it (and made me forget how long this really took).

Total practice time: 250 minutes

Location: #outdoors

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15th August 2017


# 7 balls, 3 heavy balls, 9 balls flashing, 5 heavy balls, 1 ball, 2 balls, #experimental, #otu, #technique, #mentec, 3 balls, 330 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 120 min.   single bx 90° - i get these well and fluent also while walking (resp. turning) into the catch, .. when I'm ``in a flow´´; .. else, when i have to think and `plan´ them, there's way more fails.   bb looking - "Aim where it shall land, soas catchhand knows where to expect it!" - a short look is then for slightly adapting, finetuning, the exact catch-position only, not the catch depends on that looking long for a long spotting way of the ball.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 10 min.   111 throws wristy 6-high.   155 t 5-high.
9b flashing - 60 min.   Five times 7 gathers.   A few upto 3 rethrows' launches.
.. in between (~15 mins) ..
  A young guy came up and I offered him balls to try himself. He did 2b shower and I joined, intending to somehow make it a challenge (not yet knowing how, but I wouldn't do a boring slow 2b-shower for sure): It turned out [°] a racketed shower (otedama?), and catchhand, nearly immobile(!), high on on face-level, formed a basket in angled position soas the balls would just brake on the fingers and roll off it into rackethand. [ #otu #technique ]
  Then we did 1b - as high as can, trying straight up, and he released too late and threw way behind himself. I didn't do much better: throwing from deep squat and jumping the ball up to the limit didn't really give accurate straight throws.
  To my surprise, he took a third ball, and I showed him, in 3b cascade, there's only one ball in the air for a very long time (so he needn't ``panic´´ or haste), so long that you can downright await the balls falling. I told him aim at some spot or area in the empty air above and showed the about levels with my hand. Also here, I tried to enhance as if it were a new pattern to discover - and it was: Throwing the balls high up awaiting them, allowed to leave throwhand up in the air, and it became an outstretched arms' front-juggled cascade when I left the arm outstretched for the whole cascade, now also throwing (resp. releasing) from high up (yet still circling way down outstretched during dwelltime). Had I wanted to do an outstretched arms' cascade, I'd have circled, swayed, far sideways, like the blades of a [real] windmill, doing an uttermost wide pattern and be doing in the front plane, not as it turned out here, a narrow sort of s'swap 3b-522. [ #otu ]
  Alas!, I was too busy with enhancing trivial patterns to become challenging, to check if my instructions fruited in any way.
.. time passes by even faster than when doing with a schedule, when there's people around, .. ( on top of that, people on top, people sitting or walking on top of your anyway-speedy-schedule, you know. ),  so there wasn't any left for even my 5b s'swap while I had initially hoped to squeeze some diversity into my longer session like 75751 or °753° or 8552 or 88522 or 7b-splits or 8b-triplexes or 8b-wimpy or stuff, but now it was time for ..
7b casc - 80 + 45 min. (i actually currently want at least 2½ h of this daily to catch up to where I've been before)   51, 47, 48 throws longest runs before break, nothing over 42 t threshold counted thereafter, just one pretty long, it seemed, uncounted run (~43?-51?).   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
.. in between ..
  a ``flock´´ of younger women were either impressed of me doing acceptable 7b runs, or else keen on getting their engines' SD-Cards full with videos of anything stood out of usual everyday-onsights. They nicely asked me, I'd mind a take, in which case I don't (when s.o. asks before), but warned, there might be no use to it as I might be dropping a lot, but they didn't care. I got a good high & wide run  ( which in itself is not so desirable as an effort-ish pattern, but it kept the pattern up and looked nice ),  and half out of breath all the while amidst rowing & pumping screamed "YOU GOT THAT? YOU GOT THAT?".   I tried to get them to use a code in the title that I could later find the uploaded clip with on the internet (a rather unique simple letter-sequence on my T-shirt), but it became complicated (they told me their platform) and we left that out. One of them gave me a glimpse on the take (just that moment above), so I have a rough impression of what "me, juggling" is out there in the ether.   I tried hard, but couldn't manage to hide to them a big grin when they returned their way past me again and they happily smiled back wide.
  .. yet another funny moment when there were broadly few people still around, .. I was, again, doing 7b runs of acceptable length, but rather of the tensed, ``trying´´ kind, and a father passed by with his kids behind me, and, in real, or playfully, in silent awe they hushed "(w)oueeeeee" on every uprise of the strenuous pattern in a new attempt. This was so unsuspected and rare a reaction to get, that it made me laugh out loud at them like ``caught´´ by higher mights (at klutzing with effort). Next run, I joined in, doing loud and with notably less awe than they, awkwardly repeating their voicing, and also the rather aged father now did a well-tempered "oueeeee" and we laughed again. Unreal. Ghostly. If you ask me. ( hopefully no one, who did - among some trees - not see the juggling, ear-witnessed this improvised experimental vocal arts `dialogue´ between strangers )

[°] - [ "turned out" ] - #mentec - this is some way of ``letting your hands do what they want or think best´´, being open for any seemingly uncontrolled flow (yet automized movements), free yourself from any fixed (motor) patterns  ( and "fixed motor patterns" is (also?, or: indeed?) a scientific term ),  don't stick to what and how you're used to doing, let loose, let yourself surprise by ``what your hands can do without you interfering´´, give room for, give way to any change, tuning, ways, that they sort of downright ask for in a given millisecond. Or: Do intentless, just don't stop!  ( cf. e.g. "écriture automatique" and e.g. child's babbling, experimental improvised intentless arts, Jackson Pollock and and and ).  But it's in-depth psychology and behavioral science and hard (for me) to fully look through and give a clear description let alone definition or instruction - in fact, I don't even know a name for it.

Total practice time: 330 minutes

Location: park on Rhine

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30th July 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #learningSiteswaps, #ThinkAs, #mentec, 5 balls, 175 minutes

Overall mostly flabby form today, exept for some better chunks when a raincloud, wind and temperature freshened up the somewhat airless muggy weather. Also sore nudging lumbal area those last days. So mostly "work, holding on", hoping on good phases and return of good form, rather than fun today.
5b 56752 - 30 min. Upto into 9th side, 8 sides clean; maybe few more over 8 s in longer uncounted runs.
7b casc - 103 min. 45, 51 throws longest runs. [ daily7b II: 51 ]
Preventively stopped that stint on a pull in the shoulder and did some ..
more 5b 56752 - 17 min. Upto 8 sides again.
5b 75751 - 13 min. #learningSiteswaps #mentec #ThinkAs - like for 753, also now did two same-hand high 7 throws intending to create a gap ( maintaining ground-state for any other all regular throws ), then use that gap for that 15 still from same hand. That way, got once the sequence fro to cascade and clean collect; first or second time since trying this, many `almosts´ preceding, so glad I got this `landmarked´. Once 757515 from cascade to instant clean collect.
5b cascade - 12 min. Just killed some time left, intending without effort, but didn't get over 135 throws trying a longer run.

Total practice time: 175 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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27th July 2017


# 7 balls, #StagesOfLearning, #endupatt, #mentec, #ThinkAs, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, #otu, #ballproperties, 5 heavy balls, #exercises, 158 minutes

3 small heavy steel balls, Ø 4cm, 300g, - 5 min   #otu - as good as never used these for juggling before (maybe tried and refuted) - [ #ballproperties ] they give somewhat stable tiny fast patterns, but aren't really first size & weight choice generally. Maybe for exercise.
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 13 min. ( the Ø ~6cm again now)   A bit long-time-no-do windmill.   It's comparedly easy to do every second throw the other way over (always crossing hands when required), but pretty difficult to get a nice looking equal bows windmill.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 5 min.   105 throws wristy 6-high.   319 t 5-high.   #new #exercises - found, that swaying the pattern sideways left-right-..a.s.o. practises scoop issues and throwing angles very well(!).
5b 56752 - 20 min.   Upto an 8 sides clean run. One 9 sides clean.   Also here: "wristy" spares dwelltime, makes the rhythm seem slower, and gives me breath to better anticipate what's next and fitting throws and the rhythm, their `melody´, to one another.
7b casc - 115 min.   Longest runs (throws): 49, 43, 49 fc (a last ax throw to throwhand-caught), 45, 53, [break], 46 (48?), 45.   #SoL #endupatt #mentec #ThinkAs - Made myself an eye for the upper three balls lately and focused and oriented on that floating 3b-cascade as a "top of the pattern" for aiming into well.
That ``top´´ now has a distinct shape!? - not a nebulous notion of empty air somewhere up there, flewn through by balls, anymore; a better gauge for precision, also. Just another ``aspect´´? .. or sth to cling to for getting it constant? .. practise & time will tell.   [ daily7b II: 53 ]
[ rain stopped this stint & session ]

Total practice time: 158 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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