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13th July 2015


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 3 heavy balls, #ftr, 230 minutes

3b freestyle, misc - 30 min.   Tried fastest shower - way slower than rev-rev-normal-normal (but I'm not trained in that).   5b casc varied - 25 min.   Endure 5-high: max 383 catches, 7-high: max 221 c.   Some "easiest", then "fastest".   7b casc - 55 min.   Consecutive better runs. Still good number of early fails (getting less in average?).   Once was in effort-mode (too high, too much effort, height mainly from forearms) and managed to get aware of it and switch(!?) to lower nimble from wrists mode .. instantly went better again!   Had few (but did) "Easy as Five"-impression again.  

3b freestyle, misc - 15 min.5b casc varied - 15(?)   7-, 9-high.   7b casc - 90(?) min.   Waiting on 50 catch runs to show up - feel overdue.

other in between #ftr - Like one to three tries only each, mostly fails or max few catches:   3b one hand (both).   4b fountains, wimpy.   6b wimpy.   [55][11] (duplex shower).   7b triplex flash ~ 7[222][222][222][222][222][345][567] .. not usually logging such trifles.

Total practice time: 230 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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