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18th January 2018


# 3 balls, #experimental, #focus, #otu, #technique, 3 ball tricks, 5 balls, 7 balls, 75 minutes

Radar looked like rain would stop soon, but didn't, so i stood under a small roofed area doing 3b.
3b cascade - ~20 min.   Had for a while been wanting to do this: find out exactly when the  c a t c h e s  happen: Like when pulling on the one end of a rope hanging with both ends over a branch, in order to uplift sth tied to its other end, I focussed on the downward movement of the catches imagining I'd be doing the other hand's upward throwing movement with that catch movement of catchhand. In other words: Doing / thinking the throw by the countermovement of the opposite catching hand.   It seemed like the / my throws - in the yet normal pattern - were a bit earlier than the catches, so it felt like for doing as described above, throwhand had to shortly wait, delay a few millisecs (until catchhand got its ball to pull down). Or else - in a higher, slower pattern - I had to catch later for also the throw in question to be later. But I might be completely wrong, as it's unusual and difficult to focus on the catchmovement + other hand's throw at the same time. I did get that clear feeling / impression of ``pulling´´ the throws up with the opposite catch though.   Interesting tweaks of dwelltime and I'm not through with finding out exactly what goes on there and how to use it.
Tried blind a bit, but got too many drops.
3b 52413 - ~20 min.   (4 thrown reachover, so it looks like ongoing cascade)   went well in spite of a few drops.
A few minutes of 3b "fastest", rev--rev--normal--normal.
5b endure - ~20 min.   219, 373 throws longest runs.
7b casc - ~8 min. ( rain had stopped, but it was darkish and didn't feel warmed up well )   A hearty 23 throws run with good focus and rolling well for those two periods was best I could get from scratch. ( rest were bad launches and blunders )   [ daily7b II: 23 ]

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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9th November 2017


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 3 ball tricks, #invention, #exercises, #experimental, 53 minutes

5b casc varied - 10 min.
7b casc - 40 min.   51, 51 throws longest runs (next best was 45 two or three times, maybe once 47).   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
3b casc varied: piroujoggling - 3 min.   #inventions #exercises - run + keep turning - difficult, but got it with about no/one/two drops per lane.

Total practice time: 53 minutes

Location: sports area´s parking area

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15th August 2017


# 7 balls, 3 heavy balls, 9 balls flashing, 5 heavy balls, 1 ball, 2 balls, #experimental, #otu, #technique, #mentec, 3 balls, 330 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 120 min.   single bx 90° - i get these well and fluent also while walking (resp. turning) into the catch, .. when I'm ``in a flow´´; .. else, when i have to think and `plan´ them, there's way more fails.   bb looking - "Aim where it shall land, soas catchhand knows where to expect it!" - a short look is then for slightly adapting, finetuning, the exact catch-position only, not the catch depends on that looking long for a long spotting way of the ball.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 10 min.   111 throws wristy 6-high.   155 t 5-high.
9b flashing - 60 min.   Five times 7 gathers.   A few upto 3 rethrows' launches.
.. in between (~15 mins) ..
  A young guy came up and I offered him balls to try himself. He did 2b shower and I joined, intending to somehow make it a challenge (not yet knowing how, but I wouldn't do a boring slow 2b-shower for sure): It turned out [°] a racketed shower (otedama?), and catchhand, nearly immobile(!), high on on face-level, formed a basket in angled position soas the balls would just brake on the fingers and roll off it into rackethand. [ #otu #technique ]
  Then we did 1b - as high as can, trying straight up, and he released too late and threw way behind himself. I didn't do much better: throwing from deep squat and jumping the ball up to the limit didn't really give accurate straight throws.
  To my surprise, he took a third ball, and I showed him, in 3b cascade, there's only one ball in the air for a very long time (so he needn't ``panic´´ or haste), so long that you can downright await the balls falling. I told him aim at some spot or area in the empty air above and showed the about levels with my hand. Also here, I tried to enhance as if it were a new pattern to discover - and it was: Throwing the balls high up awaiting them, allowed to leave throwhand up in the air, and it became an outstretched arms' front-juggled cascade when I left the arm outstretched for the whole cascade, now also throwing (resp. releasing) from high up (yet still circling way down outstretched during dwelltime). Had I wanted to do an outstretched arms' cascade, I'd have circled, swayed, far sideways, like the blades of a [real] windmill, doing an uttermost wide pattern and be doing in the front plane, not as it turned out here, a narrow sort of s'swap 3b-522. [ #otu ]
  Alas!, I was too busy with enhancing trivial patterns to become challenging, to check if my instructions fruited in any way.
.. time passes by even faster than when doing with a schedule, when there's people around, .. ( on top of that, people on top, people sitting or walking on top of your anyway-speedy-schedule, you know. ),  so there wasn't any left for even my 5b s'swap while I had initially hoped to squeeze some diversity into my longer session like 75751 or °753° or 8552 or 88522 or 7b-splits or 8b-triplexes or 8b-wimpy or stuff, but now it was time for ..
7b casc - 80 + 45 min. (i actually currently want at least 2½ h of this daily to catch up to where I've been before)   51, 47, 48 throws longest runs before break, nothing over 42 t threshold counted thereafter, just one pretty long, it seemed, uncounted run (~43?-51?).   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
.. in between ..
  a ``flock´´ of younger women were either impressed of me doing acceptable 7b runs, or else keen on getting their engines' SD-Cards full with videos of anything stood out of usual everyday-onsights. They nicely asked me, I'd mind a take, in which case I don't (when s.o. asks before), but warned, there might be no use to it as I might be dropping a lot, but they didn't care. I got a good high & wide run  ( which in itself is not so desirable as an effort-ish pattern, but it kept the pattern up and looked nice ),  and half out of breath all the while amidst rowing & pumping screamed "YOU GOT THAT? YOU GOT THAT?".   I tried to get them to use a code in the title that I could later find the uploaded clip with on the internet (a rather unique simple letter-sequence on my T-shirt), but it became complicated (they told me their platform) and we left that out. One of them gave me a glimpse on the take (just that moment above), so I have a rough impression of what "me, juggling" is out there in the ether.   I tried hard, but couldn't manage to hide to them a big grin when they returned their way past me again and they happily smiled back wide.
  .. yet another funny moment when there were broadly few people still around, .. I was, again, doing 7b runs of acceptable length, but rather of the tensed, ``trying´´ kind, and a father passed by with his kids behind me, and, in real, or playfully, in silent awe they hushed "(w)oueeeeee" on every uprise of the strenuous pattern in a new attempt. This was so unsuspected and rare a reaction to get, that it made me laugh out loud at them like ``caught´´ by higher mights (at klutzing with effort). Next run, I joined in, doing loud and with notably less awe than they, awkwardly repeating their voicing, and also the rather aged father now did a well-tempered "oueeeee" and we laughed again. Unreal. Ghostly. If you ask me. ( hopefully no one, who did - among some trees - not see the juggling, ear-witnessed this improvised experimental vocal arts `dialogue´ between strangers )

[°] - [ "turned out" ] - #mentec - this is some way of ``letting your hands do what they want or think best´´, being open for any seemingly uncontrolled flow (yet automized movements), free yourself from any fixed (motor) patterns  ( and "fixed motor patterns" is (also?, or: indeed?) a scientific term ),  don't stick to what and how you're used to doing, let loose, let yourself surprise by ``what your hands can do without you interfering´´, give room for, give way to any change, tuning, ways, that they sort of downright ask for in a given millisecond. Or: Do intentless, just don't stop!  ( cf. e.g. "écriture automatique" and e.g. child's babbling, experimental improvised intentless arts, Jackson Pollock and and and ).  But it's in-depth psychology and behavioral science and hard (for me) to fully look through and give a clear description let alone definition or instruction - in fact, I don't even know a name for it.

Total practice time: 330 minutes

Location: park on Rhine

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22nd July 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #otu, #invention, #experimental, 5prop mix, 55 minutes

Was prepared for doing some cascade varied starting with like finding into easiest pattern, but soon - got no idea why or how - found myself doing ..
12' - 5b "underthrows" - [ #otu ] very narrow (thus precise) pattern or throws, then two very wide throws under the two last balls (that are already falling). Not easy - got my two underthrows to an attempt on collect with one drop.

btw low, with 5b, this is maybe harder than throwing under those balls in a higher and by nature more narrow 7b pattern (provided one is proficient in both).

38' - 5b rev casc - 69, 69, 63, 65, 83, 79 throws longest runs.

5' - 5 mixed props, 4b1c - Upto 6-7 rounds.

Total practice time: 55 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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30th May 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, 5 balls, 1 club, 3 balls, #experimental, #psychologic, #mentec, #focus, #nature, #reflecting, 265 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 17 min.   Mostly fast and fastest ( doing  rev--rev--normal--a.s.o. ).

[ rain made me change spot from rivershore meadow to plated area here ]

5b casc varied, s'swaps - 10 min.   Tried first time ever 744 and got 4 throws.

1c flourishes - ~5-10 min.   During 20' second of three rainbreaks, under small sheltered part of a hut there, did some flourishes with a birchstaff that I found there: normal flourishes seem to ``stop´´, swaying in the wrong direction before rethrowing them normally (or I'm doing them wrong), so they should maybe better flow into a shoulderthrow. Stopped that and did  bottleneck catch + over pinky's palm backhandwards rolls + into bottleneck throw ("backhandrolls"?),  which went well.

#nature - When watching the rain, waiting, I noticed sudden little steam jets that seemed to come out of the soil .. I imagined an insect or small animal originating these in some way I never heard of before, or maybe some rare chemical phenomenon (lithium?? sulfur??). .. It was cherry-pip-like little beige mushrooms it turned out, puffballs (that I know only much bigger, squash- or golfball size), i guess.

5b 56752 - 30 min.   ( Gave up 9b flashing after a couple 'a minutes - moist dirt kept sticking to the dropped balls. )   Upto a 9 sides run to collapse. 6th and 7th sides clean or full caught.

[ rainbreak, under shelter: ]   3b cascade endure. fastest. - 10 min.   Wanted no drops there (dirty + lotsa hidden corners there), did cascade pure, with focus on reflecting what attention and focus lie on, on what distracts, on where eyes and mind wander, on how it gets boring versus wanting to keep on doing: first, found, that I was losing stable shape and needed focus to keep the pattern in shape; then after a while of slaving to stable pattern rather dully, found, that I fancied to do some reverse throw for a change (but may not); my eyes could wander np as long as pattern was in peripheral view; did some "juggling lower" [according to Mike Moore's hint ] which feels queer to me and I wouldn't try that with another pattern - worked okay so far, dunno about any gain; still later - pattern still rolling on - asked myself if it wouldn't make more sense to do some 3b blind instead (but I may not) .. in a given moment, my hands corrected a flawly throw using a reverse throw and the ``experiment´´ was finished - pattern was still rolling, though - and I did a few attempts on closing eyes amidst the juggling (usually do full blind start for "blind"), which was where I got my drop. [ #exp #psych (?) #mentec (?) #focus #reflecting ]   Did a bit fastest then too.

more 5b 56752 - 40 min.

7b casc - 150 min.   43, 49, 43, 51, 46, 43 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 51 ]

A bit chaotic of a session, but glad, I didn't lose too much time (like last two days) and got some good juggling done.

Total practice time: 265 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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19th March 2017


# 5 ball tricks, 3 ball tricks, #experimental, 90 minutes

80' - 5b rev casc - 85, 76, 66, 73, 88, 71 cl, 69, 75, 72 cl throws longest runs. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 88 ]

10' - 3b inv box - #experimental - did different high 4-s which gives interesting different dwelltimes for the lids' catches (those feel almost like 2-s then).

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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17th March 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #PR, 3 ball tricks, #experimental, 80 minutes

70' - 5b rev casc - 67 cl, 117 ~3rd last drop new #PR, 72+, 65 throws longest runs. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 117 ]

10' - 3b inv box - #exp - with a fourth ball parked in stronghand all the time, thinking there might be a spare moment to figure out what to do with it (but didn't, that ``plan´´ only merged into an active 2 with the regular column ball, to instant collapse).

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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25th April 2016


# 5 ball tricks, 5 balls, 3 ball tricks, 4 balls, 2 balls, #experimental, #blind, 220 minutes

[ dailyLongestRun7b: 0 ] (there's been cosier days in high winter without windchill for doing outside - not having that april weather again today, after there's been t-shirt weather lately)

4b asy ftn (1') catastrophee --> (so down to: )
2b 2hd (1b 1hd each !?), columns alternating - (5') - Reduced my imaginary `poles´ to highest trajectory
2b 2hd selves alternately circling - (5') - so-so
4b ftn asynch rev - (5') - seems to halfway work now. Tried to focus on that ``double highest point´´
    (but it hops over to other side all the time, which I couldn't follow).
  Somehow managed to look through the whole pattern, if, then focussing highest points, then from
    peripheral view got 27 catches with revs. (best ever, .. what a hard birth, and I still can't
    manage the normal non-rev)

3b-441 - (10') - thrown Ones, and low, so in fact blind. Did until 33 throws. First time thrown Ones.
    Embedded upto now only 1b wide, sitting.

2b my ``SoL-like drop-off´´ trick - (8') - SoL, but handing the throws over to the high
    hand with throwhand, instead of catching with the high hand.

3b to-elcrook-rolled-&-flipped splits - (8') - ( 2--3--[34]_to-elcrook-roll-flipped--0--3--3--..a.s.o. ).
  Not obvious to control. Got four flips once.

3b uta - (15') - in a 5-beat. Then 3-beat, got 9 throws (3 utas) .. however, the later
    ones might have become just "low Threes".
  Did then claw them into penguin handholding (only natural!) which got them wider again, and got
    upto 15 throws (5 utas).

5b splits bx - (5') - (ceiling 2,45m) Got 4 catches (two throws caught) several times, few so nice that six
    catches seemed possible. Was more of contortionist-feel, trying to get the throws over the
    other shoulder (wheareas outdoors, I can throw them high behind my head). Makes more sense

2b-01414 - (2')

3b behind back - (~20') - (looking) in a 7-beat. Got maybe upto 5 per run. Don't get it well in a more
    frequent beat.

5b endure - (25') - Check what's left of my monthslong practise. [ dailyLongestRun5b: 396 ]


5b bx - (95') - Ten times 3 per run, most of which to breakdown, but some to collect or even back to
    cascade. Not 4/r.
5b half tennis - (15') - Twice around 8 rev throws (=~24 throws)

Total practice time: 220 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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8th October 2015


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 5 ball tricks, 3 balls, 7 balls splits, #experimental, 190 minutes

tube + 1 ball - 15 min. [ #exp ]   Flat fronts went well.   Get the ball thrown through the flying tube is very hard.   Got some straight up ball throws with \ through tube in hand (like 4-5 out of 10-12 tries) .. still hard.   5b casc varied, 180° - 15 min.   Endured; "fastest"; 7-high.   Good tries all up 180° .. into 3 cascade throws after.   7b casc - 100 min.   41, 43, 43(? 45?) throws runs + a few uncounted maybe similar (~35-41?). [ dailyLongestRun7b: 43 ]

3b freestyle, misc - 5 min.5b - 5 min.   "Fastest"; all up 180°.   7b casc - 45 min.7b splits - 5 min.

Total practice time: 190 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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7th October 2015


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 5 ball tricks, 3 ball tricks, #otu, #experimental, 205 minutes

2b + 1 large ball Ø 15 cm - 25 + 10 min.   3b-531, big ball doing 3-s, took all the time to get 15 catches.   Then tried film that, but then wouldn't find back into with several attempts. Also bad equipment and no transfer-software.   5b all up 180° - 15 min.   Was okey, got like 4 catches into cascade throws twice. I like that and wanna get better with it.   5b casc - 10 min.   A bit each: endure; fastest; loose wrists.   tube - 5 min.   [ #otu ] Tried handling a ball through the inside of a (not transparent) tube: very very hard.   7b casc - 85 min.   50 (great one), 37 throws runs + some uncounted >=31. [ dailyLongestRun7b: 50 ]

5b mix - 10 min.   (=warmup)   180°; fast; high.   7b casc - 45 min.

Total practice time: 205 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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