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31st May 2018


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 5 balls, #exercises, #nature, 125 minutes

5b casc varied - ~15 min. ___ decided, that doing once around from high & narrow over wide and wide & low to low & narrow, or vice versa, was a bit too challenging, too tensed and getting drops too often, and preferred to split that into simply pulsing wide\\narrow at a good- or 7b-height, and pulsing wide between high and low. #exercises
9b flashing - ~35 min. ___ Three or four times 8 gathers. A 10 throws' launch. Some clean patterns up.
7b casc - ~75 min. ___ 47, 46, 42, 43, 45 throws' runs longer than 40 t. ___ [ daily7b III: 47 ]

This bane: found a ball caught in my armpit - dunno how it got there lol

The local (wild) hare suddenly stood like 12 meters away in plain sight, lookin' at me.
Already yesterday a deer had come over the dam to drink from the river about 100 meters away. Also it soon after stood like 50-60 meters away in the high grass, only its neck and head peeping over the grass, lookin' at me; usually they flee right back as soon as they see someone. They know me by now. Guess, they were maybe checking like how safe it were to walk along even nearer to where I was on their usual track. #nature

Total practice time: 125 minutes

Location: concrete area among fields

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25th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #list, #exercises, #focus, #mentec, #StagesOfLearning, #efficiency, #endupatt, #ThinkAs, #structuredPractise, #reflecting, #technique, 160 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

60' - 5b rev casc -

Systematically - easy going, no fights to keep up or sth - went through all kinds of focusses, ways of aiming, ways of thinking the pattern, modes indeed:

  1. - trapezium - throwing along the sides of a trapezium, with shared flightpoint high up - ~40 throws, .. it turned out, that focussing either on aiming the shared flightpoint or else on doing the throwing movement along the trapezium's sides in that angle are two different focusses

  2. - ``over´´ the pattern, along it's inner part - seeing where I'm throwing, what I'm doing + a second focus on height are better here, .. got ~24

  3. - similar: "to the middle", through an imagined horizontal ring, focus on where balls should land (less on right height) - chaotic, already a little landing spread disconcerts, useless without also scooping well (didn't even pay attention to balls on collision course) - had 21 throws

  4. - nice bowy weakhand throws (no matter anything else, but including height of the bows thrown course) - 24 t

  5. - along the high incoming ball - 47 cl, .. in case of bad timing gives unconstant height (corresponding to - in the moment that I throw and aim - .. to where the oriented on ball is, when, early or late, it's on a different height), .. is also pattern's top, i just realize, .. merged into remote controlling a top's 3b rev cascade!?

  6. - with active thumbs, in a scope of a) thumb in case helping or sustaining, stabilizing, to b) gripping every throw with also the thumb and it being active also at release; overall catching nearer to or in the palm then (rather than in a fingerbasket) - ~23 t?

Not easy or obvious to switch between mindstates or focusses.

40' - repeat:

  1. - trapezium, to shared flightpoint - 39, 41 throws

  2. - over the pattern - clear view, nothing to imagine, .. doesn't in any way enforce scooping well, .. maybe nothing to orient on when pattern (is about to) fall apart, .. 53 cl

  3. - similar: "to the middle" - not so good. ~16-20

  4. - whd leads, prio & focus on nice bowy whd throws - 47 cl, ~40?, 67, couldn't soon soon confirm this longest upto now run in this session

  5. a variation of this could be with prior focus on anything weakhand does, on nothing of that in particular, in no special distinct mode.

    /break, 25'/

    35' -
  6. - along highest incoming ball / remote controlling a 3b rev cascade top - 49 throws (actually doing "over the pattern" here), .. one bad throw and your orientation is gone in this mode

  7. - active thumbs - 33 t

  8. - trapezium, along sides - 31, 31 ("over the pattern"), 53 t (loosely, merged into "over the pattern" again).

Too few data to draw any conclusions but from how it felt, what it seemed:
Above and before anything else, a well scooping weakhand needs be granted in the first place.
"remote control", "remote controlling only the 3 ball top", is most fun for sure, (it also downright asks for scooping, aiming, doing well in general), but needs a period or two of a good, stable pattern, and relaxed juggling first; first "doing along the high incoming ball" seems the easier exercise;
"over the pattern" was often what came merging; (also somewhat enforces good scoop, but still, nonetheless allows for too narrow patterns); seems to be the most direct, concise, the most obvious option within a small frame with best view on the whole;
"active thumbs" is in any case a good exercise for more options on finetuning and bail outs; it seems to entail low wide patterns (thus a bit more difficult, more challenging); also feels different, but makes a lot of sense to own as a technique;
"focus on weakhand only /whd leads / bowy throws" is a good necessary exercise;
.. but it remains unclear, how much a good pattern results from those ways, or else, is necessary to have it already gotten up rolling shortly, before even getting the opportunity to do in those ways (e.g. when going through imagining a trapezium).

25' - unrestricted, now, going for some result, high prio on whd scoop, now - 79 ("remote controlled 3b top" + "over & into the pattern" that was), 82 cl ("over & into"), 82 cl. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 82 ]

Total practice time: 160 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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9th November 2017


# 7 balls, 5 balls, 3 ball tricks, #invention, #exercises, #experimental, 53 minutes

5b casc varied - 10 min.
7b casc - 40 min.   51, 51 throws longest runs (next best was 45 two or three times, maybe once 47).   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
3b casc varied: piroujoggling - 3 min.   #inventions #exercises - run + keep turning - difficult, but got it with about no/one/two drops per lane.

Total practice time: 53 minutes

Location: sports area´s parking area

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8th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, 3 ball tricks, #exercises, #StagesOfLearning, #structuredPractise, #otu, #list, #focus, 115 minutes

30' - 3b rev casc varied - almost more to say here, than it actually lasted in realtime:
- Having had bad starts with 5b rev a lot, I figured varying 3b rev was a good idea.
- First revealed: a strongly tensed weakhand, even some recalcitrant small muscle in that forearm, which indeed explains my bad starts with 5b rev.
- with notably bent knees, I exaggerated wiggling (shoulder belt & hips, whole body in fact) to get the pattern running well,
- every once in a while I tended to do corrections as regular cascade throws ( I don't have that with 5b .. there's just no free space inside the pattern for that then ).
- Did step back 'n forth - ok,
- turn slowly once around anti- & clockwise - soso, needed full concentration to get full turns,
- pulse high\\low - ok,
- tried to find into an easy small low pattern - ok after a while
- wide - the "tendency" to correct with normal throws was an ""urge" here, but I got it pretty wide, but not easily,
- pulse wide\\narrow,
- pulse high & narrow \\ low & wide .. then also high & wide mixed into - all hard (anything with wide is hard), but got it all mixed once,
- more small low easy, now with stepping back 'n forth and peripheral view, gazing with #focus on background wall or changing focus on and concentrating on looking at different things on the bookshelf there (almost sort of completely forgetting the juggle) - took a while to get it pretty automized and a few steps back 'n forth.

85' - 5b rev casc - 79, 72, 82, 82 cl, 103, 89, 71, 97, 105, 99, 99 throws longest runs. Also here, need to ``settle´´, once I get the `perfect´ pattern (and motion & rhythm & mindstate & ado), need to stay in that stable pattern. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 105 ]

Total practice time: 115 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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11th September 2017


# #conditions, 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 7b casc varied, #exercises, #season, 123 minutes

Conditions near perfect.
9b flashing - 15 min.   Three times 7 gathers.   Short stint, meant mainly as preparation for 7b, which gave a slightly different (more sophisticated) mindset: do what I can and see what I get and focus rather on accurracy (not really "going for it" a lot).
7b casc - 96 min.   After a while without any notable long runs (didn't have any 9b-effect today), got a 51 throws' run, right before that, I had tried to - at about 27 t - pull a pattern down, that went well, but was a bit too high, but went into collapse. So, after that 51 t run, did a few exercises [*see below].   51, [*], 53, 43, 57 cl throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 57 ]
[*] - In between did some ..
7b casc varied - ~12 min.   the exercises were:
  pulse high \\ low - higher and higher, then try to pull the pattern back down again (which is hard) - after a few fails, got a pattern back down, and one also even pulsing down and back up again into collapse.
  pulse wide \\ narrow - didn't ever get there: at first started with very narrow patterns and maybe managed into wide + collapse. Also right into wide went to collapse. Then tried from normal width intending to go into narrow first and got collisons. Never got the chance to get from wide back to narrow again.
  turn against drift - against my usual drift into weakhandside, that is. Got it np on second attempt a 90+° turn into stronghandside.
I really should do more of the kind, as not being able to narrow a too wide pattern at all seems really a major handicap, and getting that down could maybe make a notable overall improvement. And I really also should be able to pull patterns down without having to exercise it first.

Too short. I have to face it: Am on bad terms with discipline, perseverance, unconditionality. I do have unbroken motivation, zeal, eagerness and greediness while doing, though. It's just often a little quarrel to overcome a (current) backache, a kneeache, or whatever body nudging, even those will vanish when juggling (moving). Should be doing two hours more than average 4h, instead of 2h less. Hope to get this fixed as long as it's fall with good outdoor conditions.

Total practice time: 123 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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27th July 2017


# 7 balls, #StagesOfLearning, #endupatt, #mentec, #ThinkAs, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, #otu, #ballproperties, 5 heavy balls, #exercises, 158 minutes

3 small heavy steel balls, Ø 4cm, 300g, - 5 min   #otu - as good as never used these for juggling before (maybe tried and refuted) - [ #ballproperties ] they give somewhat stable tiny fast patterns, but aren't really first size & weight choice generally. Maybe for exercise.
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 13 min. ( the Ø ~6cm again now)   A bit long-time-no-do windmill.   It's comparedly easy to do every second throw the other way over (always crossing hands when required), but pretty difficult to get a nice looking equal bows windmill.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 5 min.   105 throws wristy 6-high.   319 t 5-high.   #new #exercises - found, that swaying the pattern sideways left-right-..a.s.o. practises scoop issues and throwing angles very well(!).
5b 56752 - 20 min.   Upto an 8 sides clean run. One 9 sides clean.   Also here: "wristy" spares dwelltime, makes the rhythm seem slower, and gives me breath to better anticipate what's next and fitting throws and the rhythm, their `melody´, to one another.
7b casc - 115 min.   Longest runs (throws): 49, 43, 49 fc (a last ax throw to throwhand-caught), 45, 53, [break], 46 (48?), 45.   #SoL #endupatt #mentec #ThinkAs - Made myself an eye for the upper three balls lately and focused and oriented on that floating 3b-cascade as a "top of the pattern" for aiming into well.
That ``top´´ now has a distinct shape!? - not a nebulous notion of empty air somewhere up there, flewn through by balls, anymore; a better gauge for precision, also. Just another ``aspect´´? .. or sth to cling to for getting it constant? .. practise & time will tell.   [ daily7b II: 53 ]
[ rain stopped this stint & session ]

Total practice time: 158 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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