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26th July 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, #StagesOfLearning, #learningSiteswaps, #enduswap, 9 balls flashing, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, 203 minutes

5b 56752 - 38 min.   6-7-8 sides. One 9th, one 12th side (both to collapse).   Today, had a track of what exactly every run fails on in the end -
  o too low 7,
  o too much spread, unclean aiming,
  o collisions, mostly 6 onto previous 5,
  o my usual drift into bodyturn towards weakhandside.
#SoL #learningSiteswaps #enduswap - So, alas, no major distinct flaw in particular to work and put special attention on, but well spread over all issues that happen in unstable pattern, not utterly comfortably snapped in, no full control over pattern, timing, heights, thrusts, an' everything. Guess, I'll have to work these off one by one, or better: find an issue that covers most these problems in one; e.g. constantly aiming every single ball well on the right height (like you do when learning sth new), or better to its right spot in the air (unlike with cascade where all throws are alike), is a candidate for that (?); or tune and perfection the `rhythm's melody´, get the rhythm to the point (?); or - in that same sense - short controlled runs in hunt for swiftest pattern (higher? lower? how wristy or controlled by forearms too? .. ) (?); or slave better to pattern's geometry (??); ..
  There might also be an issue, I haven't noticed at all or enough accounted for .. maybe my weakhand's asymmetry  ( that I always took as is, which works fine so far for e.g. also cascade endurance and e.g. also few ball stuff )  .. maybe it shows up notably more and hinders more in complex s'swaps.
  A juggling pattern, including hand's motion and brain's work, just has so many properties to be accounted for.
3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 5 min.   (just warmup on weight for 5b 200g)
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 5 min.   40, 77, 113 wristy 6-high.   279 cl 5-high.
9b flashing - 15 min.   Two times 7 gathers.          
7b casc - 140 min.   45, 53, [short snack break, 10'], 51 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 53 ]

Total practice time: 203 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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