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5th September 2016


# 7 balls, #PR, #session, #outstandingRuns, #breakthrough, 5 ball tricks, 9 balls flashing, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, 5 balls, 225 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - ~10 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - ~5 min.   97 throws 7-high.
9b flashing - ~30 min.   Four times 7 gathers, one of which 8 g clearly in reach (but blundered somehow with full catchhands). Felt okay. Some pattern in the air worth that name.
5b 52567 - ~40 min.   Best was a seventh side thrown to drops, once. Nextbest, once 21 catches clean. Furthermore 20 gathers; and 20 throws with 19 gathers and 1 drop. Six more fifth sides thrown to drop(s) or collapse. Eight times 16 catches clean.   Felt so near a new PR or getting it down, now (once again - but thought this somedays earlier already).
7b casc - ~135 min.   45, 41, 49, 61(? 65?)  ( this one was wide and forced after fighting past my strange attractor at about 35 throws, hasting behind the beat all rest of the run ),  41, 45, 49 cl  ( this was a nice & clean run, well near my chest ((sort of standing right inside the front plane, it seems)) & swift, rolling - much better than the very long run before ),  43, 49, 41, 56, 51, ~51 (only started counting this one after about two periods), 75 catches clean!! (9 sets of 8 + 4 launch throws never counting 'em ./. 1 last weakhd afterthrow mostly lacking) #PR  ( more than that .. it's a landmark I always wanted in the past: 10 times seven throws all caught [*] ),  61, 41 throws runs longer than 40 th.         [ dailyLongestRun7b: 75 ] ( A'll make that chart bend & curl back to its origin! ;o]) .. and shoot right past it into free open space )
5b fastest - ~5 min.   One long run 40+ at least, maybe ~50 throws. Felt utterly snapped in .. all I had to do was "go on" exactly like that. Nirvanic. Haunted. Could relaxedly watch myself doing stable several periods after I had gotten a left turn controlled.

[*] - things have meanwhile changed, of course, .. I want it mastered, but above all no more early fails which I still get a real lot. So, this is an enormously sweet peak run (and it was worth a 1 mile-radius yell), but not the breakthrough I'm after, like to get a nice & familiar good dozen of seconds run anytime.
The pattern itself wasn't fully controlled .. it slowly walked away with me like so often; so, I rather held it up, kept it up, starting speedy & lower, then towards middle of run slowly becoming higher, then awkward and greater 3d spread towards end. Managed to go to collect when control was completely lost. I've had runs with more control, easier, swifter, but this run shows, I'm getting better at keeping non-optimal patterns up, too.

[no break taken]

Total practice time: 225 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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28th February 2016


# 7 balls, 5 balls, #session, #outstandingRuns, #breakthrough, 115 minutes

(no sun, even stronger colder wind than yesterday --> gloves and thick unsporty clothing
5b casc varied - ~10(?) min.
7b casc - ~105(?) min. ,, ~35/37,, 37, 36, 39, 37,, 36, 38, 37,, 38, 37, 35, here took off gloves and pullover for last ten minutes: 44, 41, 45, 53 throws runs longer than 33 th. After taking off gloves, pattern felt `thinner´, balls smaller, tunnels broader, whole pattern more `airy´, more space in between to throw into, easier aiming and controlling. So many good runs in such a short time and the patterns, feeding their top well, and feeling as easy as enduring 5b very `cascady´, felt like a breakthrough. (Once again). I really should hold the pattern up for a while (>=100 c) by spring, now, under good conditions (=sunny) in a long, unhasty session. [ dailyLongestRun7b: 53 ]
[ #nature - daily deers = 150 meters :o]) ]

Total practice time: 115 minutes

Location: meadow in the fields

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