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4th October 2017


# passing, 325 minutes

Passing 10 minutes
(With S)
7c 1-count

Passing 60 minutes
(With G, M, E, G and C)
Shooting Star Roundabout (Star You follow me version but without the extra moves)

Passing 40 minutes
(With S, P and E)
Zippy, got over a full round several times, best was about 1 1/2 rounds.

Passing 20 minutes
(With D and A)
pps/3-count feed with walking, with a walk on every 6th beat

Passing 80 minutes
(With A, L and T)
Scrambled V
Other variation: SB IA CB

Passing 45 minutes
Workshop Zaps
(With G)
(With S)
567, didn't get it

Passing 40 minutes
Workshop "5 club patterns that you can not do (yet)"
(With S)
75724 was difficult, collision problems
5888222 felt OK, though we didn't quite get a full round
Didn't even try the other patterns of the workshop (9522458, 5726258 and 97522).

Passing 30 minutes
(With my regular passing partner... A bit confusing with the number of people with initial S in my log right now.)
5888222 kind of worked after a while, got a few rounds.
567 was difficult, but I think we made progress.

Total practice time: 325 minutes

Location: Seattle

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