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5th October 2017


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, #ballproperties, 5 balls, 196 minutes

5b casc varied - 4 min.   9-b-high.   wristy 7-high.   (also tried wristy 9-high: wrists ``unleashed´´, full thrust, but with help of the forearms pushing / thrusting up, and notably rowing with whole arm)
9b flashing - 60 min.   Bad, balls felt too big and sticky when releasing at launch, they didn't seem to ``want´´ to leave the hand (not over 7 gathers, 8 in reach a few times). Washed them late that stint, which made it feel much better, swift launching again, and after a while of fighting found back into pattern and got my one 8 gathers' launch. [ #ballproperties ]
7b casc - 127 min.   43, 44, 51 cl throws longest runs (all on meadow).   A hard phase in between, after changing from meadow to under bridge, unfresh sore arms - only shortly sitting down for a snack and watering arms and shoulders wiped it all away, but I didn't get a long run anymore.   [ daily7b II: 51 ]
5b casc - 5 min.   no long runs (~100 throws)

Total practice time: 196 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge + rivershore meadow

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