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4th October 2017

Mike Moore

# Targetted, 65 minutes

Focusing on some patterns to put in videos. The videos are:
Raging against inadequacy - assorted technical and angry patterns
Dots - ...dots.
Throw ins - throw-in patterns that I think are interesting. It's been fun thinking about content for this that isn't the boring, typical ones.

I've been working on:
A (6x,4)* dots variation
A 94444 dots variation
Three dots fundamental patterns
Half dots with the other hand interacting in some way

#I4BB (inverted 4b box)

534 with 3 bbth
#bbth (3b)
663 with the 3 bbth

Today I got my first connection of 2 (6x,4)* dots variation, which was nice. It's pretty simple, but I'd still like a minimum of 4 rounds for a video.
Got about 70 catches of split-sync 4b dots
3 rounds of #I4BB. Feels like I could run it indefinitely with some practice. It's got a fun swoopy motion right now.

Monday I did my first connection of 2 of the 94444 dots variation. Looking for at least 8 rounds for video.

Total practice time: 65 minutes

Location: Basketball court

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