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7 balls, #PR, #outstandingRuns, 9 balls flashing, 100 minutes

9b flashing - 30 min.   Seven times 7 gathers. One 8 g. No rethrows.
7b casc - 70 min.   47, 47, 75 cl [*], 51, 59 cl throws longest runs.         [ daily7b II: 75 ]
[*] - great run, somewhat higher than usual (as so often with PR-s), but not narrow at all; smooth, very little if any effort at all, maybe tension in the shoulders coming up. Stopped the run at a round number of nine sets of 8, believing, it were new PR, but it's only one catch near last fall's PR. [will log anyway, as it's been a year now ..]
[ rain stopped the session ]

Total practice time: 100 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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