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10th September 2017


# passing, 60 minutes

(With S)
Jim's async ppsps with flips (pfpspfsppfsps). This is now the pattern we start with when not saying anything... Probably not the "default passing pattern" for most people. ;)
Odnom (9647772)
phpspsh, today I didn't do the wrong throw too often, I'm starting to get the pattern. Most mistakes were just bad throws.
7c 3-count
5-count popcorn, with tricks/variations. I didn't do anything more advanced than switching between 3.5p 3 3 4 4 and 3.5p 3 3 5 3 on my side of the pattern.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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