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4th September 2017


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 5 balls, 185 minutes

9b flashing - 62 min.   Eighteen times 7 gathers (two of which 8 g in reach).   Two times 8 g.   12 and 14 throws launches.   Seems so feasible, feels so greedy and often looks and feels structured now.
7b casc - 113 min.   47, 59, 67(! long not had so much), 47, 43, 59 cl, 45, 44 cl throws longest runs. Really got it well again today. Even tried a few catastrophic 9-s: all up-s and °9955° into ultimate collapses.  [ daily7b II: 67 ]   (wet meadow and balls towards end)
5b fastest - 10 min.   One longer run >40 throws, but not so low (nose to head-high, throwing from lower chest).

One more thing I lately noticed: [ #anatomy #technique #posture ] - when doing pretty high throws with hips counter-wiggling to shoulderbelt via torus, I can feel small muscles along my spine and when they're sore; doing with slightly bent, thereby stabilized back gets completely rid of that (if needed). I'm not sure, where that force then lands .. guess hips (or now the whole stabilized torus) still wiggling, but less(?), then give that motion down to legs, knees, feet and stance(?).

Total practice time: 185 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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