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13th June 2017


# 7 balls, 7 ball tricks, 5 ball tricks, 3 heavy balls, 5 heavy balls, 240 minutes

3b 200gr, freestyle, misc - 27 min.
5 heavy balls, 200 gr casc - 17 min. ~200 throws low pattern.
5b 56752 - 60 min. Several 8 sides' runs, some clean. One or two 9th sides to collapse. One 12th side to collapse is among longest runs ever.
7b tricks - 10 min. Wasn't planned, simply stuck to playing with other throws when launches came well and into good patterns. From cascade, tried 9955 but didn't get any 5 aimed anywhere. Got a 27[75] into i think 6 more throws of cascade then clean collected (among my - if not the - first 7b-``trick┬┤┬┤ ever landed). Felt like also daring a 977777707[75] and got the double catch, but not the throw and pattern collapsed.
7b casc - 125 min. Only 45, 45 throws longest runs. (weather, conditions, form all good) A few good smooth and-or fluent short runs. [ daily7b II: 45 ]

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: shady rivershore-meadow

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