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17th April 2017


# 7 balls, 5 ball tricks, 5 balls, 7 balls splits, 230 minutes

5b casc varied - 5 min.
5b all up 180° - 8 min. Once into 5 cascade throws clean caught. One or two more ``almosts´´ alike.
5b 56752 - 42 min. Four 6th sides clean. Two 7th and one 8th sides to drop or collapse.
7b splits - 12 min. 18 c cl and 14 c cl.
7b casc - 163 min. 47, (with gloves:) 42, (without gloves:) 51, 45, 43, 49, 46, 43 throws longest runs. Partly felt great, well connected to pattern's top, just like 5b, smooth an' all, rolling, that wheel turnin', those 4-5 eyes of dice up there moving well in shape. But not when doing with burnin' shoulders when it was windchilly and me wearing four layers of shirt and gloves. My form so much depends on the weather, overall conditions, I'm afraid, I have to state. [ daily7b II: 51 ]

Total practice time: 230 minutes

Location: uneven cobbles under bridge

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