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13th March 2017

Mike Moore

# IndyPrep, LukeBurrage2, 40 minutes

Figured I should start logging again as I begin training for the individual prop competition at this year's IJA. Goal: win 3b competition.

Things were going well today. Sifted through some controlled collision patterns that I think will work well on stage with a small-medium audience. Hoping I can get to about a 15 second sequence with these. Today, worked on "fast shuffle" ("one-handed fake cascade"?), a 423ish thing that goes into penguin catches, and a fast fork pattern.

#HLAIB was working great today, got 20 catches but without a transition back (doesn't count =( ). Got 16 catches a few times, and it involved less bouncing than usual. #HLCIB (high-low carried (carrying the (2x,2x) inverted box) seems to be getting slightly easier. OIB (orbiting inverted box) has gotten to endurance level - breaking 10 seconds oftenish now.

Inverted box, and even HLIB is just too easy these days #powercreep

Total practice time: 40 minutes

Location: HighSci

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Orinoco - Welcome back!